Monday, August 17, 2015

What No One Is Telling You About The International Civil Rights Center And Museum

No mention of the fact that the Mayor's husband is a major investor in Carolina Bank and it just so happens the ICRCM owes over $700,000 to Carolina Bank.

And yes, I have the documents to prove Don Vaughan's investments.

Which brings up a conflict of interest for Mayor Vaughan, does it not? Conflicts that have never been mentioned in all her years on City Council.

One theory is that some on City Council are preparing for a land grab of the museum property. Considering recent events like Heritage House that seems entirely plausible.

Another theory is that because of Donald Vaughan's influence the City Council will continue to pour money into the ICRCM as a hidden bail out for Carolina Bank. Wouldn't want the Mayor's family investments to crash in value, would we?

Either way, the folks at the ICRCM were unaware of Donald Vaughan's investments until I made them aware just last week.

And of course the N&R will never tell you.

Oh those documents? you ask.

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So where's the rest of the Vaughan family's money? Some tell me it's in off shore investments, things you might have heard about recently.

Share this with everyone you know. Only in that way will we begin to reach enough people to make a difference and give control of Greensboro to the working classes.