Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bulent Bediz Found Innocent

Bulent Bediz was found innocent yesterday on charges of having assaulted a Greensboro Police Officer outside Mr Bediz's home on January 2, 2015.

As I reported earlier, GPD was unable to produce in car video, body camera video and the Code Enforcement Video sent to me as proof of the incident showed no such actions on the part of Mr Bediz.

Seth Coen, lawyer for Mr Bediz, was able to convince the court that not only was the 70 year old Mr Bediz incapable of using the martial arts techniques that would have been required to kick the police officer but that the arrest of Bulent Bediz was in-fact unlawful and therefore any actions on the part of Mr Bediz would have legally been considered in self defence.

Mr Bediz has now won every case he has brought before the courts involving UNCG, the Greensboro Police Department and the City of Greensboro including the theft of Mr Bediz's automobiles by Greensboro Code Enforcement and the demolition of numerous homes owned by Mr Bediz and his business partners.

Apparently Bulent Bediz never was the real problem in Glenwood after all.