Sunday, September 20, 2015

Councilman Jamal Fox's Domestic Violence Incident

Was Jamal Fox the abused or the abuser? That's the question everyone wants to know. A look at the Greensboro Police Report from Jamal's January 2, 2014 Domestic Violence Incident clearly shows Mr Fox as the victim of a domestic violence incident.

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But as you can see farther down the page the offender used no alcohol or drugs. And apparently Jamal didn't know who she, or he, was.

Had Jamal forgotten his or her name? If Jamal didn't know his or her name then how could he be sure no alcohol or drugs were involved? Did the officer leave out the name of the offender because Jamal was having an affair? Perhaps with an older married man or woman? Perhaps the offender was herself someone very well placed in Greensboro politics-- an older woman on the Greensboro City Council perhaps? Or perhaps a slightly older woman who left a high paying job with the City of Greensboro soon thereafter to take a high profile job in Washington, DC?

I mean, when police officers leave lines blank it kinda leaves us to fill them in on our own, does it not?

It's common in assaults to leave out the names and addresses of victims especially when the officer believes the victim might be in danger of future assaults by his or her attacker but leaving out the attacker's name is almost unheard of and almost always indicates a police cover-up. Could it be the officers left out the name because their jobs were on the line?

 And is it true that Jamal called Captain James Hinson who personally came to Jamal's house to oversee the situation and make sure no one in the local media found out about it? If not then why is it that until this day the GPD police report still isn't listed on the GPD Police 2 Citizen Website?

Is it standard operating procedure for our Police Captains to be helping our city council members carry on affairs while keeping it all a secret from the public?

Or I could be all wrong and there was no second person, Could it be Jamal assaulted himself then called the police to cover it up? Is Jamal a self-cutter? Do we need to be thinking about intervention?

Or did Jamal just imagine he was assaulted, call the police then call Captain James Hinson when he came off his high?

And then there's Ben Holder's version of the story which he was apparently paid to remove from the Internet just in time for the election that I just happened to save a copy of. Seems Ben believes that wasn't the first or the last time a domestic violence incident took place involving Councilman Jamal Fox. Looks like Ben is going to have to pay back all that apparent money to Jamal, Nancy and the rest.

You're screwed, Ben. Jamal Fox is screwed, Nancy Vaughan is screwed and the rest of City Council are screwed. All because you fucked up and fucked with me.  Remember Ben: "Old age and wisdom beats youth and skill every time."

Update: Sunday, 3:53 PM, The 911 Call Log for Jamal Fox's Home Address