Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Greensboro Top 10 Tourist Hating City

Well it seems the list of reasons Greensboro Sucks is never ending.

Today we learn that Greensboro is #7 on the top 10 list of cities that hate tourists according to:

"...a new study conducted by private air charter company Stratos Jets, which analyzed thousands of tourist-related tweets from across the country.  

The company used an algorithm to assess the positive or negative sentiment in geotagged tweets featuring the word “tourist,” then used those scores to rank the hospitality of different cities and regions."

Of course, how could a city with the highest unemployment in the state, the hungriest population in the nation and the gloomiest prospects of any place around even love itself much less a bunch of tourists who could really care less about Greensboro for anything more than a place to watch an occasional sporting event and pay jacked-up rates on cheap hotel rooms? 

And people in Greensboro are actually considering reelecting the current city council come November? Seriously?