Friday, September 11, 2015

NC Bar Complaint Against Justin Outling

A mister Steven Lewis just forwarded me an e-mail he also sent to the NC Bar concerning Greensboro City Councilman Justin Outling:

"There has been a violation of ethics by a NC Bar lawyer and at least two other NC Bar lawyers were present. The issue began when Attorney Justin Outling spoke about SB 36 and the City hiring or fighting the bill. The issue at hand is that Mr. Justin Outling works for the firm the City had planned to hire and did hire. The memo by the City Attorney states clearly not to make comments but Mr. Justin Outling did same.
Please Investigate
viewing of the tape beginning at 3:20 shows that Mayor Vaughan knew in advance that Justin Outling was going to speak exactly as she wanted him to speak, exactly as every member on Council with the exception of Tony Wilkins wanted him to speak. That, my friend, is PREMEDITATION. Look at how well Mr Outling delivered his speech-- obviously PREPARED IN ADVANCE.
Justin Outling is a member of the NC Bar.
Tom Carruthers informed Council of the conflict of interest rules in June. (See attachment)
Mayor Vaughan is an accomplice, an accessory before, during and after the fact.
Mike Barber is a member of the NC Bar and did nothing.
Tom Carruthers is a member of the NC Bar,  lied on camera in violation of the very conflict of interest policy he sent to council in June.
Attachments area
The part of the e-mail in small type is excerpted from a conversation myself and others have been having with Greensboro City Attorney Tom Carruthers, Mayor Vaughan, the Greensboro City Council and several others for the last 5 days. As to who Mr Lewis is or who forwarded him our e-mail I don't know but one of the e-mail address receiving his e-mail was so I'm reasonably certain the complaint has been received by the NC Bar.
The attachment is City Attorney Tom Carruthers' interpretation of NC statutes concerning conflicts of interest as cleared by the NC Bar. Esq Outling clearly stands in conflict. State law prescribes the penalty as loss of office, loss of contract for Mr Outling's firm and repayment of all fees charged to the City of Greensboro. Disbarment for Outling, Carruthers and Mike Barber is a possibility.
I'm waiting on a final reply from city officials. Their deadline is 5:00 PM Monday, then I post all the e-mails with or without their explanations.
Several resignations would be a lot less messy.