Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Right before a City of Greensboro Council Election; "Participatory budgeting steering committee ready to meet" = Buying Votes = Crooked Politicians, the media and City executives supporting them.

"...Greensboro city council
appointed 18 city residents to its Participatory Budgeting steering committee.

A steering committee 
to decide how to give away everyone elses money
to the pet projects 
of each district council member's constituents
right before an election.

The committee will develop a rule book
for the participatory budgeting process,
which will let residents in the city's five districts
decide how to spend $500,000 - or $100,000 in each district
- in next year's city budget process.

$100,000 to spend on special interests group's 'priorities',
for each council member 
and whomever else voted for this profligate, corrupt,
vote buying, election rigging crooked City.

Training sessions for committee members will be held September 16 and 17.

The committee members are, by district:

Guess who District 1's committee members 
are supporting in the upcoming 
taxpayer funded manipulated election?

District 1

Dhruv Pathak
Amina Tahirou
Dorian Thompson
Lisa Tonkins

Guess who District 2's committee members 
are supporting in the upcoming crooked election?

District 2

David Horth
David Reed
Kevin Williams
Vanessa Martin

Guess who District 3's committee members 
are supporting in the upcoming rigged election?

District 3

Kelly Hall
Erin Pearsall
Ann Stringfield

Guess who District 4's committee members 
are supporting 
in the upcoming taxpayer funded manipulated  election?

District 4

Wayne Abraham
Anita Cafiero
Andrew Egbert
Kenneth Klase

Guess who District 5's committee members 
are supporting in the upcoming rigged election?

District 5

Esther Idassi
Lawrence Mann
Kathleen Sullivan"