Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sharon Hightower's Criminal Record

As a voter and taxpayer I believe it is only right that the criminal records of those persons who represent us be made public. After all, for the entire time I worked I had to provide a copy of my criminal record to prospective employers before I could be hired to drive a truck-- shouldn't the people who control millions of dollars in taxpayers money be asked to do the same?

And since the law doesn't require such things of politicians and because I happened to get my hands on Councilwoman Hightower's criminal record, here it is:

How about we begin with fraud:

If you're having trouble viewing any of the images you need only to click on them to view them full size.

To be more specific, Ms Hightower was claiming to be unemployed and drawing unemployment compensation when in-fact she had a job at the time.

I know they look pretty much alike but each one is a separate charge for repeating the same crime.

That's 4 charges of misrepresenting to obtain unemployment benefit. But wait, it doesn't end there. When I first learned of this I decided to play a little game with Ms Hightower and sent her the following e-mail as older criminal charges often get dropped from criminal records.

The trap is set. Now look at Sharon Hightower's response with the entire Greensboro City Council and main stream media following along:

Now wait a minute, in her e-mail Sharon said '86 and '87. She also said continually employed. But her criminal record indicates 2006-2007. Note also that I asked her about food stamp fraud which she did not deny. Did Sharon Hightower defraud the US government in '86-'87 and again in 2006 -2007?

It sure looks that way.

Then there's this Very unusual police report from June 27, 2015. Seems someone was trespassing in District 1. On Page 1 the case is marked, 'Inactive' but on Page 2 the officer writes:

Now is the case inactive or ongoing? It certainly can't be both, can it? And from the 911 Call Log for that very same address on that very same night:

Did you notice the words, "IS ON CITY COUNCIL"

Who on City Council drives a Toyota Avalon, Sharon Hightower, Mayor Vaughan, perhaps Yvonne Johnson? You tell me.