Sunday, October 25, 2015

Susan Ladd's smear

"Donald Trump..., Marc Ridgill..., Devin King..., Mike Huckabee..., Trump..., Brian Hoss..., Carly Fiorina..., Devin King..., Trump... and ...Devin King"

- Susan Ladd's smear

In the comments
It doesn't matter if Mike Barber touted his Greensboro taxpayer funded First Tee of the Triad money maker or Nancy Vaughan's personal profits from the White Street Landfill during the forum.

You are only being told what has been deemed appropriate for you to be informed of by our completely sold out local press.

Roy Carroll, Jeff Gauger, Joe Killian, Susan Ladd, Allen Johnson, Doug Clark, John Hammer etc...

Same thing, different angles.

Just as crooked as the politicians they support and keep in power with endorsements, positive news and slander against opponents.

Greensboro has a rigged press.  

Therefore a rigged government, created via rigged elections,
enabled outcomes rigged by the press.

Circular isn't it?

It's almost as if the incumbents 
are in league with Greensboro's elites, 
local government management
and our local news industry.