Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The following censorship instructions issued to local media organizations, has been leaked, distributed and adapted online.

Propaganda directives issued by BH Media, WFMY and other outlets show that Greensboro's media are being instructed to "properly interpret political and economic data," and "promote discourse on the Piedmont Triad's bright economic future under an at-large district system."

Greensboro's media are being instructed to report positively on the economy, and to support local connected political leaders running for re-election.

The first below is Roy Carroll and Jeff Gauger's notice, which asks various City of Greensboro departments, the Greensboro Partnership and RLF Communications to draft plans for “promoting the discourse on Greensboro’s bright economic  and political future.”


To the departments of Domestic News (Central Government Procurement Center), International News, Domestic News for Local Service, Photography, Reference News, and Audio-Video; all media reporting platforms; and Editorial Departments:

In keeping with the spirit of notifications from superior authorities and Agency leadership requirements, the focus for the month of September will be strengthening propaganda and guiding public opinion on the efficacy of Greensboro's current City Council structure and leadership.

This includes taking the next step in promoting discourse on the Piedmont Triad’s bright economic future and the superiority of our political system, as well as stabilizing expectations and inspiring confidence in the current at-large councilperson electoral process. We request that your departments take immediate action to plan related reporting; identify individuals to take responsibility; and confirm reporting topics, individuals responsible for those topics, and publication dates.

Please plan related reporting. After the responsible parties within the relevant department have signed off on the plan, send it to the Creative Planning Center at the editor-in-chief’s office...
The second is the first page of a document issued by the Central Propaganda Department, marked as notice number 320 for the year 2015, asking local media and outlets to “properly interpret economic data.”
Notice 2015 #320

Notice Regarding Increased Economic Propaganda and Guidance in the Near Term

To subordinate media outlets:

According to instructions from central leadership, all news media outlets must continue to deepen their study and transmission of the spirit of Mayor Vaughan’s series of important speeches, revolving around the strategic positioning of the “Four Comprehensives,” combined with deep concern for public opinion on the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center project. The focus for the month of September will be strengthening economic propaganda and guiding public opinion, as well as overall planning for domestic and Internet propaganda, in order to take the next step in promoting the discourse on our bright economic future and the superiority of oligarchical system, as well as stabilizing expectations and inspiring confidence.

Properly interpret economic data and political events to support stability in our community.

Every news media outlet must interview representatives and experts from Greensboro's current City Council and other relevant organizations; properly interpret policy issues; and correctly report on the shortcomings of opposition groups and bottom tier political candidates.

Strengthen propaganda related to economic highlights and their effects.

Local authorities have been tasked with taking into custody persons perceived to be “spreading rumors” about stories including local real estate price and purchase volume changes and sales tax revenues.

A directive from August 25 requires that local websites delete specific essays about Roy Carroll, Jim Melvin, Mike Barber etc..., while in June the Piedmont Triad Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television instructed TV and radio stations to “rationally lead expectations to prevent inappropriate reports from causing the population to understand the truth about the redistricting map and other crooked dealings of Greensboro's executive management and City Council members.”