Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A comment on Eric Ginsburg's Triad City Beat poorly researched journalistic garbage on Greensboro City Council campaign contributions

Is it worth mentioning George Carr’s business with the City?

Is it worth mentioning Koury Corp’s hand outs from the City?

Is it worth mentioning Betty Cone’s profits via DGI?

The article leaves out pictures of two of the three candidates
running for District 3.

How about Shirley Frye’s husband’s law firm doing the City’s redistricting legal work and her connections to the Civil Rights Museum giveaways?

How about Tom Hall’s “shovel ready” loans Nancy voted for?

How about Ross Harris’ taxpayer funded profit from the TPAC deal?

Cyndy Hayworth’s continued income via DGI?

Does the name Isaacson ring a bell?

How about Jim Melvin’s $2 million plus for the Megasite project and his connections to Mike Barber’s income via First Tee of the Triad?

Donna Newton and TPAC.

Jim Phillips is representing the City for Council at taxpayer expense for redistricting at Brooks Pierce. Doesn’t that justify some kind of mention?

How about Sam Simpson’s commissions for Jim Melvin’s Megasite deal? He’s up a couple hundred thousand off Greensboro’s taxpayers.

Brian and Eric sold out.

And Arthur Winstead, Mike Barber’s campaign treasurer who gets paid 0 but makes 700% more than First Tee’s last accountant. Not worth noting?

How about Don Vaughan, who has made hundreds of thousands from the White Street methane deal while his wife Nancy served on the solid waste commission?

How about all the signs on Marty Kotis’ properties?

How about Marty's support for a Democratic candidate
who will most likely support handouts for Kotis,
facing two Republicans?