Thursday, November 12, 2015

A&T Homecoming Mired In Cover-Up

 The following story was first posted on October 22, 2015 after a week of being lied to by the Greensboro Police Department, NC A&T University and rejected by Greensboro's media outlets in the lead-up to the NC A&T Homecoming Game. I'm re posting it today because of important updates. Begin original post:

While North Carolina A&T University plays their Homecoming game this weekend there will be several players on the field who should not have been there. As a matter of fact: they should have been in jail but because of the privilege of being on the Aggie Football Team they are allowed to walk the campus of NC A&T endangering students every day.

Last weekend the Greensboro News & Record reported on the beating of a 21 year old A&T student that was found unconscious on the ground at an off campus party on Booker Street.

What they didn't tell you is how he got there and what has happened since.

The affray, as Greensboro Police called it, began with this student accidentally bumped into a member of the A&T football team. Not wanting any trouble this 150 pound student apologized but that wasn't good enough. Nope, the football player decided to make an example of him, pushing and shoving him across the room.

The student, who isn't an athlete, fought back the best he could but several members of the A&T football team attacked him. He ended up thrown across the room and landed on the couch. Then he was dragged down several flights of stairs where at least 10 or more men resumed beating him on the ground until he was beat unconscious.

The only 911 call came from a neighbor.

The student's family has spent the week trying to press charges but Greensboro Police and the Guilford County Magistrates Office are telling them they cannot do so.

In the latest development today the Guilford County Magistrates , who are appointed by Guilford County Clerk of Court Lisa Johnson-Tonkins, whose mother is Greensboro City Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson, is today telling the victim's family police cannot serve warrants on the NC A&T Campus and must have the home addresses of these students who live on campus and are from outside of Greensboro-- an obvious stalling effort.

Play your homecoming game A&T, but let it forever be recorded there is no honor among your current football team, your coaches, the leadership of NC A&T, the Greensboro Police Department, Guilford County Magistrates and the current Greensboro City Council who all know of this travesty while a 21 year old A&T honors student lays in a hospital bed recovering from a beating he will carry with him the rest of his life.

Cowards, the lot of them.

And the way a life of privilege and living above the law begins.

Do I have to tell you to share this story with everyone you know?

Update: Friday 3:00 PM Photographs of  Thomas Bynum in his hospital room.

Update 2: 3:30 My e-mail to the A&T Provost Office:

"The post has been updated with photos:
Now just in case the dean, president, provost and others are unaware, this is the same website that broke the story of the UNCG3 which resulted in a lot of very high level firings over at UNCG. I do expect results, I do expect explanations, I do expect communication, and I do expect your people at your highest levels to respond to me so that my over 30,000 regular readers (a number soon to rise greatly thanks to new interest from A&T students and alumni) can get a proper explanation.
And I will warn you. You can ask anyone on the Greensboro City Council or the Greensboro Police Department whose e-mails are above, I can see straight through bullshit. #Everyfreakingtime. Don't you dare let a PR spokesperson handle this for you, I will chew them up and spit them out. I want the President, Dean and Provost to respond to me personally.
And I will take no response as an admission of guilt.

This is exactly why people like Zack Methany grow up to think they are above the law.

-Billy Jones, Your friendly, freelance neighborhood Tyrannicide"

Now lets see if the folks at A&T have balls.

Update 3: November 12, 2015. High Point's Fox 8 confirms my story. None of the Greensboro media outlets have written the truth about this story to date. And obviously the management of NC A&T University has no balls and should be forced to resign for willingly participating in this cover-up. As a lifelong resident of East Greensboro who along with the rest of East Greensboro, depends on NC A&T to give us honest leadership both now and decades into the future I demand said resignations. Teaching entitlement should not be a part of our university curriculum.