Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

So what do these pictures tell you?

The answer: City Council plays ball.

The answer: Tony Wilkins gets in the game too.

And  from a Facebook conversation I had with Councilman Wilkins just yesterday;

There you have it folks, the $4 million Dollar deal is a done deal without City Council approval like so many other things that happen here in Greensboro. And Councilman Wilkins hasn't the balls to tell you who is pulling his strings. Tony Wilkins a real conservative? Only because there are 8 others to approve every spending resolution as the fix is in and the deal has already been done.

Ask yourself this: Do you really think the Hornets would put this much effort and all this hoopla into an effort that wasn't already a done deal? Neither do I.