Sunday, October 4, 2015

Donald R Vaughan's Criminal Record

Donald R Vaughan is retired North Carolins State Senator Donald R Vaughan, attorney, member of the NC Bar and husband of Greensboro Mayor Nancy "Grasshopper" Barakat Vaughan.

Donald Vaughan operates Vaughan Law where he is most well known locally as a ticket fixer-- someone who bribes the courts to get charges reduced so that the guilty can get out of their legal troubles.

And nothing proves it any better than Donald R Vaughan's Criminal Record filled with speeding ticket after speeding ticket and violation after violation all reduced to lesser charges while Don Vaughan uses his money to remain above the law.

And the boat he hadn't paid his taxes on? He was ticketed in that too. Have you caught up those taxes, Mayor Vaughan? Wait, I can answer that:

Nope, Nancy still hasn't paid her taxes and set an example for the citizens of Greensboro to follow. But my family has all paid our taxes in full. So has Sal Leone and Devin King. Aren't elected leaders supposed to lead by example? Think of how much money it would save the City of Greensboro if everyone paid their taxes on time.

In 28 years and over 3 million miles of driving tractor-trailers I didn't accumulate as many tickets as Donald Vaughan has gotten since 2008. And I never had a chargeable accident. As a matter of fact: the only non chargeable accident I had was in my first year of driving. I made it 27 more years without even a scratch. And obviously I never drove away from the scene of an accident.

It is very obvious Mr Vaughan maintains a complete disdain for the laws by which we are all bound and his only limits are his wallet-- his big fat wallet.

This man is married to our Mayor, do you not believe she shares his same values? Or lack thereof.

Here in East Greensboro where I live poor people go to jail for less. Don and Nancy Vaughan live in a Million Dollar home in Irving Park-- North Carolina's most exclusive neighborhood.

Another thing I found very strange about Donald Vaughan's record is the way his address keeps changing. Now to be sure I checked with the Guilford County Register of Deeds website and confirmed that all of these addresses belong to our Donald Vaughan or companies he owns.

3/31/2010      902 Sunset Dr
4/04/2010      902 Sunset Dr
7/15/2008       612 West Friendly Ave
6/16/2008      612 West Friendly Ave
1/20/2008      902 Sunset Dr
 4/29/2007       902 Sunset Dr

I didn't list nearly all of Don's tickets there but I thought it curious that some of them listed his office address as his home address. Is that normal? Is Mr Vaughan using multiple drivers licenses as part of some sort of scheme to trick the DMV so that he doesn't accumulate points so quickly or are the rumors of Don and Nancy's infidelity true? Can a woman living an unstable personal live be trusted to manage the affairs of our city?

And another thing you'll want to note: Many of Mr Vaughan's tickets were reduced to improper equipment violations, namely, speedometers, and listed as the responsibility of the Lesser thereby granting Donald Vaughan a waiver by the clerk of court. No one leases old cars with broken speedometers! Most leases end at 3 years. And if the speedometer is wrong it is because Donald Vaughan is putting over-sized tires on these cars. These various clerks of court, especially the Clerk of Court of Montgomery County where Donald Vaughan has gotten off many time via the same means, should be investigated by the SBI.

Shouldn't our city be run by people who believe the law is more than something to buy? Something to get around? This is corruption-- there is no other way to look at it. Donald R Vaughan fixes tickets for a living. He even fixes his own tickets. Long ago Donald Vaughan lost sight of what is ethical and moral and decided the law is about what he could buy his way out of.

His driving record proves it. Could wife Nancy be any better?