Saturday, October 31, 2015

Greensboro And RLF Communications

Our team here at recently learned that the City of Greensboro has been making payments to RLF Communications, an advertising and public relations company located here in Greensboro.

Now I, for one, am always curious as to why a city with an entire staff of public relations workers in public relations offices filled with public relations equipment like computers, telephones, high speed Internet and even their very own public relations television station equipped with video production facilities might need to hire an outside advertising and public relations company.

After all, isn't that what we pay our city employees to do?

Apparently not.

Now before I say any more allow me to disclose I am not fond of the public relations industry as a whole. The need to spin something indicates you have a problem you'd rather spin than fix. And people who are willing to spin problems are little more than liars. The best products and services sell themselves-- everything else is bullshit and everyone knows it.

But through the magic of something called a public information release we were able to get a copy of the 2010 contract between the City of Greensboro and RLF Communications that shows RLF was hired to help bring Google Fiber to Greensboro.

So how did that work out? Not too good!

Did you happen to notice the date on that article is April 8, 2011? I found that very interesting because City of Greensboro billing statements from RLF Communications show that the City of Greensboro has paid $79,165.32 to RLF Communications, most of it since 2013.

So why has the City of Greensboro been continuing to make payments to RLF Communications 4 years after the project ended? We hope to find out all the details and let you know in Greensboro And RLF Communications, Part 2

That is: if the City of Greensboro doesn't try to spin us.