Friday, October 2, 2015

Have A Nice Day, Eric Ginsburg

From the comments in the following article at Triad City Beat:

Billy Jones:

"From the article:

“Vaughan disagreed with Leone’s characterization, saying she has pushed for more transparent economic disclosures for council, while adding that people can make their own conclusions about her broad cross-section of contributors.”


Jamal Fox failed to disclose he owns a house.

Nancy Hoffmann fails to disclose she still works for Reffett Associates and has various partnerships with downtown developers.

Yvonne Johnson fails to disclose her non profit One Step Further is funded by the City of Greensboro.

Mike Barber fails to disclose in kind contributions by the City to his non profit, First Tee of the Triad and has refused to release his Federal Form 990s for 2 years.

Mayor Vaughan failed to disclose her and Donald Vaughan’s vast holdings in Carolina Bank which holds over $700,000 in debt for the ICRCM and also failed to disclose it to the board of the ICRCM.

And Triad City Beat reported none of it despite the fact that I documented all of this over a year ago. Where were you, Eric?"

Eric Ginsburg, writer/editor Triad City Beat:

"I’ve never heard of a single one of those, Billy. Just because you wrote about it doesn’t mean I saw what you wrote. You have my email address, and you can send important things my way if you want."

Billy Jones:

"No Eric, I don’t have your e-mail address. You blocked me at Yes-Weekly and I haven’t heard from you since but if you’d like the documents you can e-mail me at

And Eric, how is it you know I wrote about those subjects if in your words, ” it doesn’t mean I saw what you wrote…”

After all, I never said I posted it to my blog, I said ” I documented all of this over a year ago.”

Assumptions make for very poor journalism and get you caught every time."

Of course I really did post those things to my blog or Eric wouldn't have replied in the way he did but since Eric refuses to contact me so that I can get his e-mail address (I left him mine) and Brian Clarey​ gives me a ration of shit every time I leave a link to my blog on his precious Triad City Crap why don't we start doing something differently.

Why not, instead of sharing and liking my blog posts on Facebook, why don't all of you start e-mailing my blog posts to Brian at so that he can forward them to Eric Ginsburg and get that lame ass, shit for brains reporter to actually do some journalism for a change.

Have a nice day Eric.