Monday, October 26, 2015

Joe Voter Asks

The following is a Letter to the Editor:

"The Mayor and Council have spoken a lot about diversity in board and commission appointments, contracting, and in welcoming diverse immigrants to Greensboro. However, when it comes to the only two employees Council has, it went from at the start of 2014 having diverse employees with an African-American woman as City Manager and an Indian-American man as City Attorney, to replacing those employees with two older White males. In both cases, the Council did not conduct a nationwide search or any search for the replacements. For incumbents: How can Greensboro's citizens resolve the conflict between talking about diversity, yet not considering diverse candidates for your only two employees? For challengers: Would you continue the current Council's focus on diversity and would you make changes in future hiring processes for Council's only employees?
Thank you for your consideration of this question.  
-Joe Voter "
This question has also been submitted to tonight's City Council Candidate's Forum.

We do accept Letters to the Editor. Usually LTEs are solely the opinion of the writer thus we require real names. In the case of an anonymous LTE it has to be something I would be willing to accept personal responsibility for posting. I saw no reason as to why I should fear posting this letter. Send your LTEs to