Monday, October 5, 2015

Marty Kotis angling for more city of Greensboro money, using taxpayer funded Zack Matheny as his lobbyist; "City might help"

"Zack Matheny said Kotis is aiming for the geographic and philosophical heart of downtown revival.

At taxpayer expense, promoted by the News and Record
 who now take advertising money from Kotis' Red Cinemas.

Matheny, president and chief executive officer of Downtown Greensboro Inc., center city’s [City of Greensboro taxpayer funded] development group, said that his group and the city should work together to improve lighting and walkways between Kotis’ property and those around Lewis Street.

With the help of Kotis owned City Council members,
like Jamal Fox who lied via omission on his campaign finance reports 
leaving Kotis' contributions absent.

And Greensboro's News and Record,
who is now a Kotis' paid for cheerleader.

Kotis said his company might do some of the work and share costs with the city, which would then own the new infrastructure.

New infrastructure to make Kotis money
paid for by City taxpayers
at the expense of other business owners
who would have to fund Kotis' venture
with their own tax payments so Marty can take some of their business.

Matheny, a former Greensboro City Council member, said, “I have met with city staff in and around the location talking about how can we bring that connectivity.”

"connectivity" supplied by everyone else
for City Council's biggest campaign contributor,
which Triad City Beat didn't bother noting this past week, 
as Marty is now running Red Cinema ads,
thereby keeping Eric Ginsburg and Brian Cleary's mouths shut.

Matheny called last week from San Francisco, where he was attending the International Downtown Association conference.

Matheny's trip compliments of Greensboro's City Council funding
which his former colleagues voted for 
so Zack would disappear to somewhere else 
if the redistricting bill passed.

He already has picked up a few ideas for Greensboro.

At taxpayer expense 
for the benefit of those who control City Council votes.

“Walkability is what people want,” Matheny said, “making sure we have connectivity behind that bridge and connect everything.”

Brian Cleary and Eric Ginsburg should be ashamed of themselves.

They sold out just like the rest.

There is no difference between Triad City Beat, the News and Record, 
Yes Weekly or the Rhino Times.

One could ask Mike Barber or Nancy Vaughan,
but don't bother as the same news outlets 
won't report on Barber's taxpayer funded First Tee of the Triad
or Vaughan's taxpayer funded methane take.

This is Greensboro,
where the population is lied to on a regular basis
by those charged with reporting the truth.