Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nancy Vaughan Retains Amil Rossabi

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan has retained the services of mob lawyer Amil Rossabi along with City Attorney Tom Carruthers and Smith Moore Law to represent her in an upcoming trial. And of course the Greensboro taxpayers are footing the entire bill.

In other news, Yes Weekly's Jeffery Sykes spills the beans that Zack Methany was the source of the information that got Jason Cannon fired from his job at Downtown Greensboro Inc. A job Mr Matheny replaced Mr Cannon at.

"What I will say is that we here at YES! Weekly hounded Mr. Cannon based on documents provided to us that ultimately, we discovered, came from Matheny. Matheny wanted that job so bad that everyone in Greensboro could feel it. He lined up the mayor and Mike Barber, who according to DGI’s Cyndy Hayworth, called her up when she was the interim leader and threatened to defund the organization if Matheny was not hired."

I can also confirm that the documents broke concerning Jason Cannon were eventually found to have come from Zack Matheny even though I suspected it all along.

And finally, in a sad lesson of how entitlement behavior begins and is promoted by the system. While the News & Record is reporting Police: N.C. A&T University student an aggressor in off-campus party, student won't be charged, what they are not telling you is that those who joined in are members of the A&T Football Team and that police are wrongfully trying to convince the victim that because Police have ruled the incident an affray he cannot press charges.

Sorry folks, 7 to 1 is not a mutual affray. Seven players will be setting out some A&T football games.