Friday, October 16, 2015

Not Zack Methany's First DWI

By now the entire city is talking about Zack Matheny's DWI early this morning but as is always the story our mainstream media is refusing to give you the whole story. For example: in this latest story from Yes-Weekly we read:

“He was very cooperative and complied with all the officers instructions,” said Danielsen, who noted that this was his first such charge in Greensboro."

First such charge in Greensboro...

While we wait on records from the Greensboro Police Department that will confirm how GPD officers deliberately colluded with Mr Methany to help him get out of this latest DWI despite having blown a 2.0 in the field sobriety test using the hand held portable breathalyzer we thought we'd show you Zack Methany's 62 page criminal record including this July 2nd, 1993 DWI conviction:

And there's this too, should it interest you.

Zack Methany is a habitual criminal who should not be allowed to drive. Instead, with the help of slick lawyers like the firm Rossabi, Black & Slaughter which is already representing Mr Methany in his latest DWI, he continues to show a complete disregard for the law and prove laws are only for the poor and working class here in Greensboro.

And he's even managed to corrupt our police department.