Friday, October 9, 2015

Open Season On Marty Kotis

Here's something to think about: Marty Kotis spends huge sums of money promoting his name and the name of his primary business, Kotis Properties, to the public. But Kotis Properties sells nothing to the public. Why does he feel he has such a need? Why would he need to promote Kotis Properties to the public at all when Kotis Properties does no retail trade whatsoever?

And why did Marty Kotis try to buy the site for Bessemer Aquaponics out from under the community of East Greensboro when he knew all along the community was working to build the nation's first accredited aquaponics school in conjunction with NC State University, NC A&T University, the Guilford County Agricultural Extension Service and the Piedmont Center for Sustainability.

And folks I have the e-mails to prove it. E-mails that have been read by the offices of Congresswoman Alma Adams, Representative Pricey Harrison, Commissioner Justin Conrad, Commissioner Ray Trapp, Councilwoman Marikay Abuizater and many, many more. And Guilford County has records of it as well.

Thus far efforts by Greensboro's "movers and shakers" have been made to move Bessemer Aquaponics to the west side of town and to the Guilford County Farm in Elon. They recognize the economic growth potential in my idea, don't allow them to steal it from our chosen site in District 2, the most economically devastated district in all of Greensboro simply so a few rich developers can profit from county assets.

To get a partial idea of how aquaponics can help Greensboro click here. But I left out the industrial and service sector benefits altogether-- thinks like plumbers, electricans, plumbing supply houses, electrical supply companies, construction companies, manufacturers..... And show your support by liking and sharing our Bessemer Aquaponics Facebook Page.