Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The entire turnout for last evenings scheduled candidate forum espoused by Susan Ladd in yesterday's paper. Justin Outling in the back.

The forum was rescheduled for October 26,
but there was no correction at the News and Record site,
meaning this was the turnout
brought about by Susan Ladd's uncorrected publicity
in a newspaper supposedly read by more than 50,000 households.

Obviously, Justin didn't know either.

Meaning..., most just don't give a shit.

My guess is members of the Neighborhood Congress
already know who they are voting for
with the exception of Marc Ridgill,
who keeps getting dished or omitted by our local press,
as the forum was for mayoral and at large candidates
at which I was going to participate for Devin King
as he was just in a car wreck the News and Record hasn't reported yet.

Wouldn't want to provide Mr. King with any sympathy.

This is what rigged elections are like.