Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Zack Files

AKA, the  Zack "Meth"any Files

The following are the files as released by the Greensboro Police Department thus far, concerning last Friday morning's arrest of former Greensboro City Councilman Zack Methany, currently in charge of Downtown Greensboro Inc.

911 Call

Redacted Event History was the name given this file when sent to us by GPD. I've no idea what the redactions are or how they fit in.

Handling Intoxicated Persons This one is interesting in that it states, "He is detained only until sober or a maximum of 24 hours." Could someone blowing a 2.0, almost 3 times the legal limit, be sober in such a short period of time? Blacks Law Dictionary defines sober as:

 "1. Not being under the influence of an intoxicating beverage. 2. The opposite of drunk. 3. A person who is sensible and sedate."

But here's where things get sketchy for the Greensboro Police Department and Guilford County Magistrate's office. From Web MD:

"Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Guide

The BAC level will be lowered and broken down at a regular rate. 

A Blood alcohol level of .02 will be broken down in approximately one and a half hours, BAC levels of .05 are broken down in three and a half hours, .08 is broken down in five and a half hours and .10 can take up to 6.6 hours to be broken down."

Zack Methany blew a 2.0 meaning he was still legally drunk when he drove to work at 9:30 Friday morning. Those who released him should be charged with aiding and abetting.

Commercial truck drivers have to wait 24 hours after drinking alcohol before they can continue to drive. Zack should have waited what 10-12 hours or more?

Chemical Anaylis of Impaired Drivers Something GPD should have done considering Zack was arrested at a location known for cocaine sales but didn't bother to do.

Pre Arrest Chemical Analysis Of course Zack would never ask for a blood test.

Patrol Standard Operating Procedure

Public Incident/Investigation Report aka the Police report.

We have also learned that Zack didn't work late the night before he got his DWI as reported. He and John Lomax went bar hopping that night to at least 3 different bars including 1618 and the Speak Easy then ended up at Lomax's business partner's home on Elm Street.

 But Zack lives in New Irving Park so now the question becomes: why the detour to Cone and Church to a parking lot known for cocaine and prostitution?

I'll be e-mailing this post to the City to ask them to clear up that redacted file and should you like me to forward you the e-mail simply send an e-mail to and I'll be happy to do so.


Tow Log  There's a $20.00 Administration Fee mentioned. That fee is paid to the City of Greensboro before the City will allow the towing company to release the vehicle. That does not include the actual cost of towing. Towing fees are charged by the towing company but regulated by the City of Greensboro.