Monday, October 5, 2015

Time To Put City Marketing Staff To Work

One of the biggest successes in recent years has been GoFundMe-- a means by which people and businesses can raise much needed capital from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Any time you mention needing money for something someone is bound to tell you to try GoFundMe.

But having done some research into GoFundMe I've learned a few facts:

Only the slickest campaigns are successful.
Only the best managed campaigns are successful.
Most successful Go Fund Me campaigns hire professional marketing companies to produce, market and manage those campaigns.
That shit ain't cheap and professional marketing companies get paid up front.
If you're broke you probably can't afford Go Fund Me anymore.

Maybe it is time the City of Greensboro Marketing and Public Relations departments actually did something useful for a change and put their skills, equipment and college freaking degrees to work doing something other than propaganda for the City Council. Maybe it's time their job became promoting local start-ups, existing small business and building Go Fund Me Campaigns for those in need.

Yeah, it crosses the lines of government and business but fuck 'em our community is desperate and all the status quo wants to do is keep screwing us more.

I hope our next City Council, whoever they may be, will take this idea and run with it. After all, nothing else you've done thus far has worked. 

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