Saturday, October 3, 2015

Voter Turnout Is Low

A Letter To the Editor:

All I hear from some people is they hate Voter ID laws and the cutting back of early voting. The people hate SB 36 and didn't want their votes cut down. I ask the people where were you during the 8 days of early voting. The total number in a city of nearly 300,000 people with about 190,000 voters, the number of early voters was, 560, so about 70 people per day voted. There were more people at City Council chambers complaining about SB 36 then voted, can this prove my theory that the protesters mostly don't vote or live outside the City. I like people to understand that early voting is not a right, its a gift. There are states that don't have early voting or as much, some have by mail. So if we are going to complain, THEN VOTE. There are some that naturally complain and if the voting machine was to come to their front door, they complain why they couldn't come in their living room, some people do nothing but complain.

--Sal Leone 

Mr Leone is a candidate for Mayor of Greensboro.

The following chart was provided by the Guilford County Board of Elections