Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What Greensboro business environment was, is now where it's headed

What Greensboro used to be;

If you had two cows, you could sell one and buy a bull,
raise a herd and create a good standard of living,
with relatively lower taxes and less regulatory intrusion 
and much less government and elected officials
diminishing competition in a free local market.
What Greensboro is now;

You have a cow, a bull and a calf, 
the folks who own most of the city 
tell the 'elected' pawns who technically 'rule' 
to mandate the slaughter of your calf
to transfer some of the meat to your neighbors
while lopsided government provided financial benefits
enrich Greensboro's oligarchs 
with the help of bought and taxpayer paid for lobbyists
like Zack Matheny, with the help of the local news industry.

If you object, you are ridiculed, 
called a conspiracy theorist and a "gadfly" by a crooked press
while the paper of record and others 
report a different version of what actually happens.
What Greensboro is becoming;

You have a cow, a bull and a calf, 
our 'elected' leaders vote to take all three,
gives you some milk, while the rest 
goes to the Carrolls, Kotis' and Melvins of our community.

If you object, you are run off the road 
or shot in the street, 
while the News and Record tells the public
how our housing market is turning around
even though it's actually getting worse
as the economy reels from mass layoffs.