Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Why It Matters, Really?

This morning Triad City Beat publishes Fresh Eyes: Why Warnersville matters
 by Ed Cone. While I'm waiting for my comment to be removed from moderation there I thought I'd copy and past it here so that readers would get a chance to see it.

Not to take anything away from Warnersville but it went on in communities all over Greensboro such as East Market St:

"From the turn of the century to the late 1950s, the East Market Street Corridor flourished. It was the shopping and social center for many of Greensboro's African Americans, who owned businesses on the street and provided services to those shut out by segregation practices in other Greensboro neighborhoods.

This lively community began to wind down in the late 1950s and 1960s when, under the guise of "urban renewal," thousands of people and more than 80 businesses (many minority-owned) were displaced. Most of those businesses never reestablished."

And it has yet to be reestablished today: 
""Hello Mr. Jones,

 We apologize that your request has taken so long to complete.  We have requested several departments to review your request to see if they had any information pertaining to your request.  Unfortunately, the City has not measured the economic impact directly attributable to the East Market Street streetscape project.


 Public Information Desk

City of Greensboro"

And it continues in communities like Heritage House, Glenwood and even other Greensboro communities where the poor, black, white, Hispanic, Asian and Native American are all pushed out to make way for the rich and Ed Cone says nothing:

" The rumors are that the city is attempting to get Smith and Ray Warren homes sold to UNC-G and A&T Universities and converted into much more curb appealing student housing.  Both of those properties are within close eye view of two major roads leading into the Council's precious downtown projects.  Those folks would be relocated to the Hicone Road location to the tune of about 220 units.  In this location there is no library, no recreation center, no bus service and only one grocery store.  The schools in this area have already been taxed and the Reedy Fork development is only 700 houses into a 3500 house project. "

Now Ed, Eric and Brian can claim they did not know but now they do know. What course of action will they take?"

Why don't you e-mail Brian at so that he can forward this post to Eric Ginsburg and get that lame ass, shit for brains reporter to do some real journalism for a change. Or call their office at 336-256-9320.