Thursday, October 8, 2015

Will The Heritage House Lies Ever End?

To date I have written 103 posts about Heritage House documenting how the City of Greensboro led by Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan has constantly changed their story from day to day. Recently, at a candidates' debate at Friends Home, Councilwoman Marikay Abuziater stated it would cost $16 Million Dollars to repair Heritage House.

But according to the Rhino Times:

"Walliser said that if the City Council will agree to a grant of $1.2 million, and possibly a loan, that she can raise the rest of the $6 million to $7 million she estimates it will take to renovate the building that has been condemned and declared blighted by the city into “fancy” affordable housing."

Let's see:

-- 7,000,000
$9,000,000  Difference

Who is  Kathy Walliser that the Greensboro City Council would believe she is somehow more qualified than the 3rd party investigators and city employed professionals who previously came up with the $16,000,000 estimate repeated by Councilwoman Abuziater, the rest of City Council, City Staff, local media and everyone else involved in the project? And why is she only showing up at the last minute?

Again, from the Rhino:

"Walliser said that before moving to North Carolina in 1990 she owned Priority Investments, a real estate company in Kentucky that bought and rehabbed distressed property.  She said she was successful in rehabbing property in Kentucky and, after being in the medical field for years, she wanted to get back to real estate."

Her Linked-in profile agrees but what kind of properties was she rehabbing in Kentucky-- single family homes, condos, commercial properties, skyscrapers... And does she have references? Verifiable references?

Speaking of Linked-in profiles, My Linked-in profile says I'm a Tyrannicide For Hire and my friend John Godwin is the owner of Spaceships inspections and maintenance. Yes Folks, you really can make this shit up. Not that John would ever do such a thing.

And has Kathy Walliser ever set foot in the building we call Heritage House?

Again, from the Rhino:

"In her research she said that she didn’t find a single owner-occupied condo, but if there was an owner-occupied condo she would pay the owner the full price they paid for it."

My friend Mel Will lived in one of the 3 units she owned at Heritage House. And she's not the only one I know. Others lived in units owned by family members who helped to care for them.

Kathy Walliser has some good ideas like:

"add on-site medical personnel to larger apartment communities to provide a Safer Way to Live."

And she tried writing a blog called Unlimited Future for about a month, claimed to be attempting a world record, is said to be the Founder/President at Unlimited-Future of Norfolk, Virginia, a company which manufactures an endurance food she invented called KHW.

By the way, her company, Unlimited Future only seems to exist on this one website. And now this one too as soon as the Google search indexing bots update their crawls.

She's a member of the Bellemeade Association. 2205 New Garden Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410 which just happens to be the same address as Lincoln Green Apartments, a Bell Partners property owned by none other than Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan's Irving Park neighbor, fellow Greensboro Country Club member and Zack Matheny's former employer Stephen D Bell.

How convenient. According to the Guilford County Register of Deeds, Ms Walliser owns no property in Greensboro, High Point or anywhere else in Guilford County under her name.

The Bellemeade Association has one employee. Could that one employee be Bellemeade Association founder/agent Kathy Walliser?

Kathy's son David survived a horrific crash in 1988 when he was 14 years old that left 27 people dead and many more injured when a pick-up truck collided head-on into the church bus he and others were riding in. But thus far I can find nothing to convince me she has the means nor the experience to rehab 177 homes that were stolen from their rightful owners.

So who is she working for? Steven D Bell or Donald Vaughan and Paul Mengurt?

See the address on that check, you lame ass, shit for brains reporter, Eric Ginsburg? That is inside the same building as the office of Vaughan Law Associates 612 W Friendly Ave, a building owned by VM LLC, a company jointly owned by Don and Nancy Vaughan and May Gayle and Paul Mengert of AMG Property Management. 

How is it that none of our media reported that AMG was also involved in Heritage House? Was it because of AMG's connection to Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan?

Are you scared to stand up to a grasshopper, Eric? Freedom fighter, my big old hairy ass. Life gets cushy and you turned into a pussy! Maybe even an anteater in drag.

Do I have to keep asking my readers to e-mail Brian at and call their office at 336-256-9320 so that he can forward this post to you to get you to do some journalism for a change?

And you lame ass readers complain the media isn't doing their jobs but you won't even move your fat fingers and send an e-mail-- you're as fucking useless as the media.

Update: Friday October 9, 2015 It appears Ms Walliser was sued in Norfork, Virginia, left Virginia without paying off the suit and again taken to court in North Carolina for the same offense. And these are the people our Greensboro City Council wants us to get in bed with.