Saturday, November 14, 2015

A response to "City needs someone like Andy Zimmerman" who taxpayer funded Zack Matheny is lobbying for City taxpayer money for, in today's News and Record

"Andy has always been exceptionally successful.

I sure hope local government and the private sector institutions get busy backing Andy’s efforts."

Julien McCarthy
"I agree with the content of the article all the way up to the part about using connections to subsidise Andy's ventures with City of Greensboro taxpayer money, lobbied for by taxpayer funded Zack Matheny.

Real entrepruneurs don't/shouldn't need to feed off of a city with as high a poverty rate and inequality as Greensboro.

Asking to taking money from City taxpayers via Zack to increase the profit of the very wealthy is immoral in this situation. 

I like Andy, but this is a bridge too far.

I don't believe he should use his connections as a DGI board member to aquire subsidies to compete with other business owners on an uneven playing field.

I believe Andy is above the kind of behavior exibited by Marty Kotis and Roy Carroll."

Abner Doon