Friday, November 6, 2015

ACA premiums in NC to rise sharply in 2016; Thanks Andrew Brod

"Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the state’s largest insurer, was approved for a 32.5 percent average increase, nearly the full 34.6 percent the insurer had requested. Blue Cross’s increases for individual plans offered in North Carolina will range from 5 percent to 42 percent for the 397,253 Blue Cross customers signed up on ACA plans.

The medical industry is full of thieves,
which includes local physicians and providers
who play dumb about skyrocketing costs
backed by apologists like Andrew Brod 

...The Affordable Care Act’s third year in North Carolina will result in significantly higher rate hikes for 2016 than customers saw in January 2015, when Blue Cross went up 13.5 percent and Aetna 2.9 percent. Strictly in terms of percentage, North Carolina’s increases are among the highest in the nation.

"North Carolina’s increases 
are among the highest in the nation."

UnitedHealthcare was approved for a 20.4 percent rate increase, ranging from 2.5 percent to 50.3 percent. The change affects 86,223 UnitedHealthcare customers enrolled in ACA plans in the state.

Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas, owned by Aetna, will raise ACA rates 23.6 percent on average for about 117,000 customers.

Health insurers told the Department of Insurance that they were facing steep costs as hospitals hiked their charges, and older, sicker customers signed up for subsidized insurance to pay for expensive treatments. In all, about 460,000 people in North Carolina are enrolled in individual plans under the ACA.

Which Andrew Brod said wouldn't happen

“What we’re hearing from the insurance companies and seeing in the numbers is their expenses are way worse than they expected,” said Kerry Hall, a spokeswoman for the Department of Insurance.

Health insurance and medical care is a rip off

Think the News and Record will report it?

“We also need to make sure that insurance companies are solvent and they’re here offering plans. It’s important that the rates are enough so they can keep on doing business here.”
Dear Greensboro's Andrew Brod, On the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (Obamacare) and Deficit Projections, of which Dr. Brod was Incorrect

Dr. Andrew Brod, my deadline for this article is Monday morning at 10am.