Monday, November 23, 2015

Another anonymous letter to the editor concerning our schools:

"Legislators have continued to take jabs at the states funding for education but you would not be able to tell it by reading the salaries for some of the highest paid in Guilford County Schools (GCS) staff members!

Guilford County Schools is the third largest school district in North Carolina and each year staff from Charlotte and other school districts are coming to Gulford County to cash in on the benefits.  Maurice "Mo" Green the current superintendent is from Charlotte Schools and so are several of the members of district staff.   Mo continues to play his role of not taking a raise each year but as we all know there are thousands of perks of being the top of the educational food chain.

One of the top highest paid includes Nora Carr, Chief of Staff who serves as the Public Relations gate keeper for the district.  Mrs. Carr and her husband both who work for GCS are both from Charlotte, NC school district.

New Western Regional staff leader Anna Sheehan has come in the door this month straight from Wake County making a nice six figure salary.

Make no mistake the educators in Guilford County classrooms have a full time job educating over 71.000 students.  The hot spot to make the "duckies" is clearly in Superintendent's Cabinet, Regional Offices and the Exceptional Children's Department's Dream Team.  Many principals of low performing schools are also calling in the educational dollars.  

Its sad to see so many thousands of uneducated students who are faced with poverty be abused by the district cashing in on grants and pockets of money the Board of Education needs to take a deeper look at.

Point is the rich keep getting richer and the poor continue to have to deal with bad decisions from leaders of the school district!  

It is very clear that the November, 2015 Salary report is a areas that was not included in the Say Yes to Education audit or there spill to elected officials (Greensboro and High Point City Council and County Commissioners) when they road in to do all the back door presentations to promote Say Yes.   Before several organizations and individuals started to open there check books.  

Guilford County Schools must start improving the educational outcomes for the thousands of students who are not receiving their constitutional right to a "Sound Basic Education"!!  But at this point with salaries rising for top lead staff the community should be advocating for why are the leaders in the six figure salaries not held to a higher accountability for the failures of students in Guilford County Schools."






And it came with 2 attachments.

Attachment 1. Annual Salaries For All Employees

Attachment 2. Annual Salaries $50,000 or Greater