Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Comments have been disabled"; "Greensboro City Council approves grant for Lotus Lounge property"

Congrats Andy, Zack and Nancy Vaughan.
"In a 6-2 vote — Councilman Justin Outling abstained — the City Council agreed to provide a $150,000 Urban Development Investment Grant to developer [and downtown insider, City Council contributor, and DGI board member appointed by Nancy Vaughan], Andy Zimmerman...

some council members expressed concerned about Zimmerman asking for a grant to improve property he doesn’t yet own.

In violation of give away policy?

City officials [taxpayer funded DGI President Zack Matheny and Nancy Vaughan] came to Zimmerman after the second shooting death in August which led to the closure of the club...

“I didn’t ask to buy this building,” Zimmerman said. “I was asked to buy this building.”
If anyone asks Andy if he is a self made man, it now comes with an asterisk.

Greensboro's taxpayers funded a lobbyist who used to shovel City monies to his campaign donors as Chairman of the "Economic Development Committee", and are now paying him more than $100,000 per year to do the same at DGI.

This is Greensboro.

Breath it in, as our paper of record lies by omission one more time concerning pay to play crony capitalism in our community.

Now Andy and City Council can take credit for taking from some unconnected business owners, and transferring the monies into folks like Andy's pocket, again.