Monday, November 9, 2015

How the Triad Business Journal got played for chumps by Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford

"Guilford County's school system "runs lean" and spends most of its money on activities that directly affect students or teachers, according to a consulting firm hired by Say Yes to Education.

A firm which raises money
for organizations profiting from dumb-asses
like those who took the bait in Guilford County
and the City of Greensboro

The reports provided from Schoolhouse Partners are being used to analyze where investments should be made to provide better outcomes for students.

Schoolhouse Partners is a service company 
providing resources and solutions to its clients 
in the areas of grant funding, prospect research, 
and proposal writing

Guilford County was selected as a Say Yes to Education community in a move that will provide county public school graduates with the opportunity for college scholarships by spring 2016.

That's not what Susan Ladd said;

If you graduate and get accepted to college, 
your tuition will be paid to the last dollar.

You just won a free college education. All of you. 

Susan Ladd
September 17, 2015

Superintendent Maurice "Mo" Green cheered with students at a ceremony to celebrate Guilford County as the next Say Yes to Education community.

Maurice "Mo" Green 
has some unanswered questions
which Guilford County Schools 
have so far refused/declined to answer

One of Schoolhouse Partners' reports stated that the school district "runs lean" and spends 95 cents of each dollar on programs for students and teachers.

Schoolhouse Partners...grant writing team 
empowers projects throughout the United States and abroad, 
and the GrantSelect database and grants directories 
enable organizations to find the funding opportunities 
necessary to fuel educational initiatives in the community. 

“It’s not the case that there’s just a lot of money sloshing around the system and potentially being wasted," said Mark Strickland, managing director of Schoolhouse Partners.

We are poised to stand by groups who share our passion
for broad-based educational excellence and opportunity.

Another Schoolhouse Partners report highlighted areas of strength, including...

Schoolhouse Partners Books

Find the grant to fund your project, program or organization 
with any one of our annual grants directories.

Schoolhouse Partners GrantSelect™

The practical online grants resource, 
GrantSelect is a searchable database of funding opportunities
for nonprofits, universities, research institutions and community organizations.

Schoolhouse Partners Grant Writing

Don’t have the time or the know-how to write a proposal for a grant? 

Hire us to write a proposal for you.

Schoolhouse Partners Training

Now your organization or community 
can employ Schoolhouse Partners 
to conduct grant writing, grant evaluation 
and grant management workshops.

Schoolhouse Partners LLC, 
was paid $516,768 in 2012 by Say Yes to Education
to report/consult/raise money/etc... 
to bring in as much money as possible,
for Say Yes to Education?

Notice how much money the good folks at Say Yes make?

Does it seem like a charity?

Say Yes Guilford won't say how much Mary Vigue stands to reap.

Say Yes to Education won't release their 2013 and 2014 IRS form 990's.

Who has been this gullible?

from: Carr, Nora>
to: Geo
date: Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 7:10 PM
subject: RE: FW: Say Yes to Education information request for Guilford County Schools

I believe the Weaver Foundation provided funding for the delegation to Buffalo. Guilford Education Alliance coordinated the trip.

Guilford Education Alliance, the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, and the High Point Community Foundation have been involved in developing the partnership and assisting with planning, project coordination and fundraising for this effort.

GCS is part of the partnership but this is not a GCS-only initiative.

There are a number of private individuals and foundations that have contributed to the scholarship endowment fund.

The list of donors has been included is provided below:

Phillips Foundation: $5 million

The Edward M. Armfield, Sr. Foundation: Up to $5 million

Earl and Kitty Congdon family, High Point: $2 million

Anonymous family in High Point: $2 million

VF Corporation: $2 million

Played like fiddles

United Guaranty Corporation: $1 million

Weaver Foundation: $1.25 million

Slane family, High Point: $1 million

Hey George,

I haven’t had a chance to write about Say Yes yet really, 
but these are good questions. 

I saved them in my email news folder for when I can cover it. 

Sorry for the delayed response,

Eric Ginsburg
Triad City Beat associate editor

David R. Hayworth, High Point: $1 million

Rob and Susan Culp family, High Point: $1 million

Anonymous individual in High Point: $1 million

Anonymous couple in area: $1 million

If you graduate and get accepted to college, 
your tuition will be paid to the last dollar

“You just won a free college education. 

All of you.

Susan Ladd
Greensboro's News and Record
to all of Guilford County Students on 9/17/15

Cone Health Foundation: $1 million

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro: $1 million

Lincoln Financial Foundation: $500,000

Nora K. Carr
Chief of Staff
Guilford County Schools.
from: Richard Moore
to: hartz
cc: Abbey Johnson <>
date: Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 3:00 PM
subject: Questions about Say Yes

Mr. Hartzman:

your questions were forwarded to me. I can give you some information.

Where will the money be invested, and at what cost?

———— funds will be invested and managed by the two community foundations. Fees will be normal and customary,

What will the salaries be of Say Yes Guilford employees?

———— there are twi components to the organization — a 501c3 that will do the fundraising and management. This is a volunteer program thus far except for one administrative assistant. The Say Yes guilford staff is hired by the Say Yes Foundation of New York. I am not sure that their salaries are released but you will have to ask them about that.

What percentage of the total amount will be directly given to students each year?

———— there will be a normal endowment distribution.

What are your expected yearly fundraising costs?

———— undetermined

What will the money be invested in?

———— will be managed professionally

Is Say Yes Guilford to be considered a fiduciary?

———— you will have to ask the Say Yes national folks about this. The local organization will be a 501c3

Will the investment manager be considered a fiduciary?

——— investment managers will be professionals who are in this business.
Richard (Skip) Moore
from: Richard Moore <rmoore
to: George Hartzman <hartz
cc: Abbey Johnson <>
date: Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 5:34 PM
subject: Re: Questions about Say Yes

tell you what. I am not going to try answer all of these questions. George Weiss has his own foundation and I have no idea how much money he puts in it or how much he pays people or who his investment managers are. Frankly it is none of my business.
I would suggest you contact the Say Yes Foundation in New York or Hartford CT with those questions. I am working on securing funds to provide scholarships to supplement services for deserving students in guilford county.

Skip appears to not seem to mind
Say Yes stealing from poor kids in Guilford County
or his foundation 

Best wishes.
Richard (Skip) Moore

Sent from my iPad
from: Price, Ed>
to: George Hartzman <hartz
date: Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 9:45 AM
subject: Re: Questions about Say Yes

Mr. Hartzman, thanks. Great questions.

Haven't heard back from Ed yet

"It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglas
"New Say Yes to Education partnership means free college tuition for Guilford County students

Guilford County was selected as a Say Yes to Education community
 in a move that will provide county public school graduates
 with the opportunity for college scholarships by spring 2016.

Triad Business Journal's Reporter Katie Arcieri

Thousands of students in Guilford County Schools could now receive a free college education, regardless of how much money their parents are making.

On Thursday officials announced that Guilford County Schools was chosen as a partner community for non-profit "Say Yes to Education."

Say Yes provides free tuition to GCS graduates to any in-state public college or university, as long as the student has spent at least a few years in the GCS system. The funds will be available by spring 2016, meaning current seniors in high school are eligible.

...Say Yes commits to meet 100 percent of the public, in-state college cost not already covered by federal or state aid...

...GCS is the third Say Yes community nationally, behind Buffalo and Syracuse, N.Y.

Not true

...More than 40 individuals, couples, foundations and businesses raised $32.5 million to contribute to the Say Yes scholarship fund for GCS students. Officials hope to raise a total of $70 million.


...Say Yes understands that there can be barriers to college other than financial ones. So, Say Yes also includes support services for students like tutoring, health services and after school programs."
Say Yes to Education, a nonprofit organization with a proven record of success, is offering our community $15 million and the expertise to set up a program that provides services to help prepare students for college and the money to help them go. That is, last-dollar scholarships — full tuition after grants and financial aid — for every graduate of Guilford County Schools.

...The city of Greensboro, the Guilford County school board and the city of High Point all committed to get involved in the program.

...Say Yes to Education is a public-private partnership that started in Philadelphia and now operates in Buffalo and Syracuse, N.Y...

As a parent of two students in Guilford County Schools and a Guilford County taxpayer, I was appalled at the treatment county commissioners gave to community leaders who have invested so much time, energy and leadership in this process and to representatives of Say Yes, who have invested more than $1 million in our community to make this program happen.

...Greensboro appointed Assistant City Manager Mary Vigue to lead the committee.

Who just got the job at Say Yes Guilford

No conflict of interest?

...Since the commissioners have been loath to use more taxpayer dollars to improve schools, they should be thrilled that the private sector is offering help.

...Say Yes is not asking the county to commit a dime at this point.

The first order of business is to make sure that existing funds are used more effectively and that services are not being duplicated among the many stakeholders, which include the city, county, community groups, faith-based organizations, businesses, colleges and universities.

Who just got rolled like doughnuts

One of the things that makes this program so strong is that it goes beyond offering scholarship money to making sure high school graduates can take advantage of that money.

They are going to make a lot of money on the side

...Guilford County Schools has undergone a thorough financial review, and Say Yes hired Johns Hopkins University to conduct a three-month analysis of the school system’s use of Title 1 federal money.

...reversing course now to include them in the initial rollout will delay implementation of this program — which was on target to benefit the Class of 2016 — and could kill it outright.

An economic plus

And this is not just about schools. Say Yes could be transformative in raising the profile of the city and county and ensuring its economic well-being.

Improved schools and affordable access to college creates a far more attractive community for businesses and industries looking for new locations. That benefits property values and the area’s overall tax base.

In Buffalo, real estate companies add it to their “For Sale” signs: “We’re a Say Yes Community.”

If that doesn’t demonstrate the link between education and economic development, I don’t know what does.

As public dollars shrink on the state and local levels, public-private partnerships like these are crucial to maintaining high quality schools and stocking the workforce with people who have a post-secondary education.

...The Guilford County commissioners should feel the wrath of every taxpayer in the county for trying to block this program.

Every public school parent and anyone who cares about the economic well-being of our community should call, write and attend meetings to tell the commissioners not to stand in the way of an opportunity that would benefit 83 percent of Guilford County students.


We should pledge ourselves to making this program work. Not with “I’ll think about it” or “if you do this.”

The answer should be an unequivocal “yes.”