Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Have A Plan To Turn Around Greensboro: Part 1

My guess is the photo is actually Photoshopped as snakes take fish from either end in one big bite but it makes the point quite well as Greensboro can no longer count on our local media to actually report the news involving our corrupt status quo leadership.

Had the media done so the election would have gone far differently.

So after months of pondering what we must do I've worked out a plan that can save Greensboro. Well, part of the plan anyway. But before I tell you the plan I want you to read the following quote and give it time to sink in deep:

"Anytime you see people blaming political parties, liberals or conservatives it's probably all one big lie meant to cover up the INDIVIDUALS who are really at fault. That's the smoke in the smoke and mirrors."

Give that some thought. If someone you know were to rob you would you call the Greensboro Police Department and scream, "Help, I've been robbed by a insert political affiliation here!" 

No you wouldn't because that would be stupid. Instead of yelling that person's political affiliation you'd be yelling that person's name at the top of your lungs.

So why are you claiming insert political affiliation here is ripping you off when in-fact INDIVIDUALS are ripping you off? Is it because you are stupid? No matter the reason just stop doing it as it serves no worthwhile purpose. It's exactly what the INDIVIDUAL Elites want you to do while the INDIVIDUAL ELITES continue to rip you off.

Case in point: The Greensboro City Council is majority Democrat but all 9 members of the Greensboro City Council are heavily funded by conservative developers Roy Carroll, John Lomax, Marty Kotis and others of the C and R persuasions. In other words, Greensboro's liberal city council including Mr "Conservative" Tony Wilkins, Greensboro's King of Pork, Mr Restaurant Row himself don't give a damn about L, C, R or D as long as you've got the G. That's G as in green as in money.

And so we begin with Rule #1. There are no Liberals or Conservatives when it comes to discussions of Greensboro political issues. Our common enemy is corruption and if we cannot put liberal and conservative differences aside to fight corruption then we are surely forever doomed.

Do you really want to be forever doomed? If yes then keep being stupid.

Ever noticed how when you post to Facebook your friends seem to comment as if they never actually read the article you linked to? Fact is: most people don't. On occasion I've actually written fake and misleading comments to Facebook that had nothing to do with the linked article only to get lots of comments agreeing with me about an article they obviously never read. You see, that was part of my research in figuring out this plan.

Facebook is not our friend. At least not the way most of you are using Facebook. Sharecropping on Mark
Zuckerberg's online farm is doing nothing to help change Greensboro for the better. There's a whole big Internet out there that goes far beyond Facebook-- discover it!

But there are ways we could be using Facebook to our advantage-- big time.

Take for example this News & Record article, Our Opinion: Vaughan for mayor. There must be at least 50 or more links to that one article on various Facebook pages, almost all of them with negative comments but how many people commented against Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan on the actual editorial? Four, exactly four and one comment in the Grasshopper's favor by a woman who lives in Butler County, Ohio.

You're wasting all your time and energy preaching to the choirs when you could be converting the masses.

Which brings us to Rule #2. Comment on the actual website where the article is posted or don't waste your time. If the editors and writers at the News & Record were seeing hundreds or thousands of comments daily disagreeing with their bought and paid for opinions they would be forced to change but as it stands they can act as if  nothing is wrong and get away with it. Are you all so lazy you can't click through and actually comment where the article is written? That's just sad.

And to make that easier I've just turned off comment moderation here.

Facebook is a strange sort of website. It's poorly ranked by search engines and hard to search via Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also has another problem in that people (or computers?) who are not you can, for often completely unexplained reasons, make what you posted there go away. While I have never deleted a post here or on Facebook I have literally had hundreds of my own posts disappear from Facebook without ever a warning or explanation. And face it: Facebook is faceless, there's no one to discuss it with. That's why I blog. That's why more of you should be blogging too. Teams of bloggers working together can generate huge numbers of readers and the things you post to your blog stay online.

And so it is: Rule #3. If it's important enough to post it online for all the world to see it's important enough to post it to a blog where it will be saved for years to come. Start blogs of your own. Or write for I've got room for 95 more writers here before we reach our limit. We'll work with you either way as long as you're helping us to overthrow the status quo. And if you don't know how? I've taught dozens of people how to blog-- it's easy. And it's free.

Then there's liking and sharing. Personally I could care less about liking. It's really more of a distraction than anything else. This site has share buttons embedded right in the site, in every post-- are you using them? No you're not so I just finished adding some bigger ones bottom right of the page: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and the More button gives you access to every sharing site I've ever heard of.

Which brings us to Rule #4. Your mamma taught you to share because sharing is good for everyone. So why aren't you sharing what you know is good for Greensboro? Do you not want to make Greensboro a better place to live where everyone has jobs, crime is low, taxes are going down, property values are going up, people are healthy and the future is bright.

Or would you rather just bitch about it? Me, I'm tired of just bitching, I want to build something. You see Folks, it might be that my plan isn't perfect and leaves things to be desired but to date no one else has come up with a plan-- all anyone has done is bitch and point fingers at political parties. But political parties aren't people and political parties can't get elected to hold office. And right now is all you've got to help you install whoever it is you need to install into the offices of Mayor and Greensboro City Council come 2 years from now. After all, it's not like the media is going to help you so help us help you.

To be continued in I Have A Plan To Turn Around Greensboro: Part 2.