Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What a rigged election looks like


Congrats to the News and Record for the election win.

Jeff Gauger, Joe Killian, Susan Ladd etc... did a great job 
keeping the status quo in office for Marty Kotis, Jim Melvin
Roy Carroll etc...

Here's to journalists who willfully don't.

Here's to Brian Claery and Eric Ginsburg

Here's to Roy Carroll's John Hammer

Well done Walker Sanders and gang

Good job Sam Simpson and John Lomax

Enjoy the joy proponents of Say Yes Guilford

Have at it Megasite profiteers

Keep fucking poor renters local slum lords

Long term profits for International Textile Group's Don Vaughan
compliments of a paper of record staffed by stenographers 
more than willing to shill for billionaire Wilbur Ross
"Councilwoman Vaughan welcomed members to the new Task Force and stated that she appreciates the new members agreeing to serve. She stated that she and T. Diane BellamySmall were the liaisons for this Task Force, and were available to take questions and attend meetings in an advisory capacity. " 

Proof of how utterly stupid 
is the majority of Greensboro's population

Proof of how corrupt the few who know are

Evidence sentencing Greensboro's press 
guilty of willful blindness and misdirection

Fuck you very much establishment folks

You deserve much worse

Congrats Zack

Especially Tony Wilkins
as he says he stands for what many on the right think is right
but behaves differently behind closed doors
and behind the City's employee's backs

Enjoy the win 
while parading temporarily on artificial steroids 
compliments of the Federal Reserve

We are Eric Robert's un-cared for remains

A dead squirrel under a bucket in the back yard
consumed by maggots to the bone

To the few who gave a shit 

To the fascists and thier minions 
who rule and profit from our town's poverty