Monday, November 16, 2015

Where is the News and Record? "The state agreed to extend prison maintenance contracts to a company owned by contractor Graeme Keith Sr., a McCrory friend and campaign donor."

"...the contracts to Keith’s company for maintenance at three prisons shouldn’t have been renewed because they failed to save taxpayer money."
Don't expect much from the News and Record on this, as Greensboro's local paper of record is complicit in enabling the same
NC prison contract deal shows how influence works   
When a news organization ignores corruption it its own area of influence, 
how are they supposed to wax ethical thoughts to their readers
while they support Zack Matheny, 
a taxpayer funded lobbyist working for Greensboro's 1%,
who's job it is to transfer some of Greensboro's tax revenues
to the likes of Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis, Andy Zimmerman,
Jim Melvin and the rest of the "friends and campaign donors"
of Greensboro's City Council?

Remember when the Rhino Times and the News and Record
endorsed Mike Barber, who extorted the job at DGI for Zack
after Matheny sent Jason Cannon packing?

Journalistic negligence and malpractice?


They just don't give a shit or would be too embarrassed,
 as they are so deep in misleading our community
Allen Johnson, Doug Clark, Jeff Gauger, Joe Killian, John Hammer and friends
are stuck between the lies they've fed our City for years
and crying over cronyism at the state level.