Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Piece Of Her Mind

A mutual friend forwarded me the following by our former City Councilwoman so I decided to post it in our Letters to the Editor section:

"Hold my mule....
by T. Dianne Bellamy-Small

We only have one daily local newspaper in Greensboro. A wise man told me a long time ago that as long as they have ink and paper they can print whatever they want. It is not news that this paper is obviously quite biased. It picks and chooses the issues, beliefs,and the individuals that it will lift up or try to tear down. A few of our local weekly papers try to stick to more journalism if they can afford it. Then some are opinion and profit rags. 

What was printed on the front page of today's paper is not funny or even intelligent. When I was a cub reporter many years ago, I was taught that my job as a journalist was to get the facts, do the research,verify the information and then report the story. I had the honor of working with journalists who believes in integrity, diligence and responsibility. 

What is being reported in the newspaper today is more about being mean-spirited, not thoroughly researched and ofttimes just the opinion of the writer. Media that spends more time insulting people and displaying a childish need to get a laugh is beyond pathetic. 

I hope that readers who take the time to even bother with that paper will look beyond the printed word and find out what people and issues really are about.

I have constantly been the target of this paper and other papers with information that was not true and hurtful. I don't like it and I hope others who see the hateful mean-spiritedness printed will also speak out or just ignore it.

I've given most of my life to service to the people and the greater good. To be marginalized by a paper or groups of people to maintain their selfish status is not acceptable. I ask to serve because I have demonstrated that I have much to offer and no man has given me these gifts. I clearly understand who has sent me. 

I understand the political process and want to be of service to the people not to the process. Anyone who wants to know the truth about me needs to come as me. I am reachable and honest and worthy to be quoted. 

The local papers would do better to clean up their act, be fair, transparent and be a more objective service to our community."

Our thanks to T. Dianne Bellamy-Small for speaking out. As I've written before, we didn't know what we had until she was gone.