Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Place Where Your Voice Will Be Heard

Over at Under Siege in a post titled Rhino Ignores Downtown, Fec writes,

"From Downtown Alliance GSO on Facebook:
Superior court judge denies City of Greensboro ‘s motion to dismiss lawsuit brought by Downtown advocate Eric Robert.
I am unaware this has been reported anywhere else.  The city uses his name to secure fed funds for development and then denies them.  Robert has a good case and may prevail.  To date, former mayor, Keith Holliday, has issued two affidavits supporting the plaintiff.  GGP, a local Facebook page supporting downtown gentrification, removed the thread where the latest affidavit was posted."

Fec is speaking of the Facebook group Greater Greensboro Politics. Before GGP there was a group called Progress For Greensboro. Both of those groups and numerous others all suffer from the same problem-- censorship by Greensboro's elites.

It was for that reason I formed Real Progress For Greensboro a few years ago. I can add you or your friends who are members can add you. And only I can throw you out or moderate so you know where the responsibility lies.

Nothing but spam gets removed from this Facebook group. Believe me, several of Greensboro's elites including the Grasshopper have tried. Stopping the picking and choosing of who gets to have a voice is the reason Real Progress For Greensboro was formed.

I don't have to like you to let you join. I don't have to like what you have to say. And to encourage more membership I'm now opening the group up to State and National politics as well. Anything goes AS LONG AS YOU STAY ON TOPIC and everything stays so don't bother asking me to delete it as you wrote it, you own it. 

No, it's not for pussies but pussies have been running this city for too long.