Thursday, December 10, 2015

City of Greensboro taxpayers are now directly gauranteeing $3,500,000 STPAC private donor contributions and some Say Yes to Education correlations with Mo Green and Mary Vigue

"In return for the commitment of the Private Donor’s to increase their Private Funding
contribution to the Project by $3,500,000, the City Council will authorize the City Finance Director
to issue $9,617,858 in additional STPAC Project Bond Financing"
This is what the mayor of Greensboro and the rest of City Council said they wouldn't do.

This is what they just did, and the News and Record and the Rhino Times, nor anyone at the City or on Council will say so.

Some of the money will come at the expense of the future sustainability of Say Yes to Education's Ponzi scheme led by former Assistant City Manager Mary Vigue.

Funny how Mo Green just left to join a Foundation like Vigue, isn't it?

To my knowledge, no other media outlet, 
not even the Rhino Times, 
reported that a bond was being considered. public discussion of the bond occurred.

Last time, we had the Rhino 
hammering against “Robbie’s Music Hall,” 
but the new publisher is a downtown developer 
and supports the IGMFUPAC

Our community has been betrayed 
by those tasked with watching the government for us.

So, it is done and there probably will not be hell to pay.

...Nancy Vaughan, Mike Barber and Nancy Hoffman 
are driving this deal.

If Tony Wilkins and Marikay Abuzuaiter were aware
that Greensboro taxpayers were on the hook for un-gifted un-pledged donations  
they are just as responsible as those who voted for the bond, 
even though they voted against.

While no laws were broken, 
I contend this was an act of corruption.  

Matt Brown is not an elected official, 
but is complicit. 

Jeff Martin

Triad families, businesses, foundations donate nearly $900k to Say Yes
Dec 8, 2015, 3:41pm EST Updated Dec 8, 2015, 3:46pm EST

Families, corporations and foundations have donated $890,000 to Guilford County's Say Yes to Education initiative, bringing the total raised to about $34.4 million.

$34.4 million which is to be given to Say Yes over a series of years, 
not unlike the SPAC money,
which our local press won't report, 
as it instantly appears to make the entire initiative
financially unsustainable
which Mo Green and Mary Vigue are well aware of
as well as the News and Record and the Rhino Times
who just don't give a shit
or are so fucking stupid that they can't figure it out.

The announcement came Tuesday by the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro and High Point Community Foundation.

Walker Sanders is in on the scam,
as CFGG stands to make money from investment management fees
on monies donated
without telling the public how much is being charged.

Guilford County was selected in September as the next Say Yes to Education community.

Under the program, county students accepted to and enrolled in a one-, two-, or four-year degree public university or certificate program would be provided with funding from the local endowment to cover tuition that isn’t paid by other grants and scholarships...

Say Yes officials are working to grow the local endowment to $70 million. Of the 19 recent donations, a dozen range between $15,000 and $25,000, while others top out at $200,000.

Looks like they ran out of big donors 
half way to $70 million.

“Now that Say Yes has officially partnered with Guilford County, we are seeing many donors of all levels step forward to commit their support,” said Gordon D. Soenksen, chief development officer at the Community Foundation. “While we continue to pursue multiple seven- or eight-figure pledges, donations at any level and of all amounts – big and small – are encouraged and welcome. Everyone is invited to show their support for Say Yes Guilford."

Bethany and Nathan Duggins, who are new donors, said their family is thrilled to support Say Yes.

"We believe this program will enrich the lives of Guilford County students today and make a transformative impact on our community’s future," they said in a statement.

In addition to the Duggin, the latest donors are:

AT&T of North Carolina
Ed and Vivian Bauman
Dr. Julian and Ann Busby
Chuck and Nancy Cornelio
Hayes and Clem Clement
William and Candace Fenn
A.B. and Grace Henley
Ken and Sally Hughes
Ilderton Automotive Group
Dusty and Kay Maynard
David and Vicki Miller
Skip and Peg Moore
Jim and Ann Morgan
David and Claudia Reich
Ray and Lisa Wheatley
The William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust
Martha Yarborough
There was also an anonymous donor.

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