Thursday, December 17, 2015

Greensboro's News and Record doesn't mention Mo Green leaving just before this story broke; Who would have thought?

"Guilford County Schools severs partnership with Amplify

Guilford County Schools is ending its contract with Amplify, the New York-based vendor from which the district leased 16,000 tablet computers for middle schools.


...The school system had highly publicized problems with the initial batch of tablets it received from Amplify in 2013.

"highly publicized"?

No mention of the clusterfuck of a program 
as Green was tapped for the Z Smith Reynolds gig.

Superintendent Maurice "Mo" Green halted the use of the devices...

Why didn't the News and Record 
mention the failure on Mo Green's way out?

...Amplify was also sold recently by its parent company."
Ever been lied to by omission by a local paper 
owned by Warren Buffett?

Any Wachovia shareholders out there
who have been sold a bridge 
by the Winston Salem Journal or Greensboro's News and Record?

What's not that really intriguing
is how a modern day news dissemination outlet
can con an entire community into believing what isn't true.

Mo has yet to reap what he sowed with Say Yes to Education 
and Say Yes Guilford, 
as our local news sources are worthless.

The News and Record and the Rhino Times
are lobbyist driven propaganda machines, 
serving not their readers 
but their advertisers and publisher's best interests.

What you think you're thinking, 
isn't' necessarily what may actually be true, 
but may be what some decide behind closed doors 
to tell you to think,
and you didn't and most probably won't know.

If you think other than what 'they' want you to think, 
they'll label you as unhinged.


So fuck you Joe Killian, Jeff Gauger and friends