Saturday, December 19, 2015

Heard Spice Cantina went under...along with a couple hundred thousand Greensboro taxpayer dollars

"A property south of the train tracks behind South Elm Street and the Cascade Saloon was sold in 2008 to what would become Greensboro Parking Group LLC for $1,050,000, with a $52,500 real estate commission, half of which was paid to “NAI”.

NAI, as in Robbie Perkins' real estate company

The most crooked mayor in Greensboro's history
until Nancy Vaughan

In February 2012, Greensboro’s City Council passed a resolution approving a $200,000 loan, $100,000 of which was to construct a parking lot that has been completed, and a second $100,000 for a companion restaurant to Worx. Current City Council members who voted for the loan include Nancy Hoffmann, Yvonne Johnson, Zack Matheny, Nancy Vaughan and Marikay Abuzuaiter.

This is on Nancy, Yvonne, Zack, Nancy and Marikay's heads.

These current City Council Members 
and one crooked Greensboro taxpayer funded lobbyist
are directly responsible for what took place

The developer agreed to, and was required to comply with, specified contractual conditions including; “The second $100,000 of City loan funds will be invested in the last $100,000 of project improvements after confirmation that the developer equity and bank funds have been fully deployed into the project. Architect’s or engineer’s certification of work completed on the project and work remaining to be done will be provided to the City prior to the release of any City loan funds. Committed funds totaling $2,272,860... Capital investment must be complete and in-place by July 31, 2013. The parking lot and restaurant tenant, [Spice] Cantina, are required to create at least 4 new full-time positions [by] July 31, 2013. Developer must confirm that all funds inclusive of the tenant up-fit funds of $179,000 necessary to open the restaurant are available and ready to be invested in the business and present a signed lease ... that will own and operate [Spice] Cantina before the second $100,000 of City loan funds are disbursed. The second $100,000 will be used in the renovation and opening of the restaurant and will be reimbursed ... only after all work is substantially completed on the project. The second $100,000 of City loan funds will be invested in the last $100,000 of project improvements after ... bank funds have been fully deployed into the project. No advance payments shall be made.”

Instead of letting organic  forces of free market capitalism
determined who won or lost, 
Nancy, Yvonne, Zack, Nancy and Marikay
chose to allocate money to Council cronies,
which in my view, is a subtle form of fascism
which hurt unconnected businesses down the street

A member of the Momentum Group, whose principals including Downtown Greensboro Inc. (DGI) board member Nick Piornack, informed three City staff members last week that “75 or 80 percent” of the Cantina was complete.

Natty Greene’s poised to move to Revolution Mill

Natty Greene’s co-owner Kayne Fisher 
has previously said that the company will soon outgrow its production facility...

...Revolution Mill Business Development Manager Nick Piornack 
couldn’t be immediately reached for comment Thursday. 

But it appears that if city council approves both grants this upcoming Tuesday, 
Natty Greene’s is here to stay.

Councilman Jamal Fox, 
who represents the district where Revolution Mill is located, 
said he is confident that the resolutions will pass."

Yet the developers have submitted invoices, and received payments from the City, for all but $1,642.86 of the second $100,000. A guesstimate of the project’s progress appears to be far less than the 75 percent cited.

Greensboro's City Council 
just approved millions for a Nick Piornack connected venture
just like they did for his newly failed restaurant
which stole business from competitors down the street
with City Council's blessing 
and their own tax money

The Momentum Group has been in discussions with City Council member Nancy Hoffmann to develop a couple of properties Hoffmann recently purchased on Lewis Street, which would utilize the lot she voted to fund for patron parking.

Nick Piornack as in Nancy Hoffman's business partner, 
Nick Piornack?

Billy Jones
December 5, 2015 at 4:56 PM

Personal guarantees were required from the investor group that included Piornack, whom Nancy Hoffmann nominated for the DGI board.

Nancy Hoffmann Campaign Contributors 
whom Hoffmann voted taxpayer money/largess for, 
which Greensboro's press won't report;

Marty Kotis, Wayne Abraham, Andrew Brod
(Agnes) Gary Brame, George Carr, Dawn Chaney
Betty Cone, Shirley Frye, John Graham
Chip Hagan, Ross Harris, Cyndy Hayworth
Henry Isaacson, Marc Isaacson, Tobee Kaplan
Milton Kern, (Emily) Ed Kitchen, Deborah Lankford
The Lebauers, Reid Phillips, Nick Piornack
The Samet family, Michael Shiftan, Susan Schwartz
Desmond Sheridan, Barry Siegal, Doris Tanger, Cecilia Thompson

Kinda makes you wonder, don't it?

Previously, Hoffmann consented to allow a tenant to apply for a retail grant for her Elm Street building for electrical work, frame and sheet rock, and plumbing. In my view, the grant, which was funded by a Hoffmann Council vote that allocated monies to DGI, benefited her personal property. At a Council meeting, Hoffmann stated “No taxpayer money was spent on my behalf for the 302/304 South Elm building.”

Think the News and Record 
will report Nancy Hoffmann's connections to Nick Piornack
after not reporting her lying to her taxpaying constituents
for self dealing?

It appears the developers have not deployed the agreed upon private monies before asking for the second $100,000 as required. The capital investment and jobs were not in place by the deadline, and the required lease was signed by Piornack, as managing partner of “Spice Cantina, LLC”, even though Piornack is a member of Greensboro Parking Group, LLC, which is listed as the landlord. The City declined further comment on whether the “up-fit funds of $179,000” for the restaurant were “available and ready to be invested”. Nancy Hoffmann did not reply for comment.

Nancy Hoffmann is a crooked, pay to play politician
among others who serve on Greensboro's City Council
who stole/steal from other's tax money 
and the News and Record won't report it
because the News and Record is in on it, deep,
and they keep letting it happen
along with John Hammer and Roy Carroll.

At an Economic Development Committee meeting on April 11, Marikay Abuzuaiter raised the issue of oversight on various loans, grants and incentives provided by the City, specifically citing the Greensboro Parking, LLC loan, and informed her colleagues that Momentum had not satisfied the requirements of the resolution passed by City Council. Abuzuaiter thinks there may be more unfulfilled, undisclosed contracts.

In December, 2013, the contract was amended by City staff without formally informing City Council, extending the “Time of Performance 7/31/2013, to 12/31/2013”. The document states “The City contact for all matters including request for payment and reporting under this agreement shall be Kathi Dubel. Dubel, like former City Manager Denise Turner Roth, served as a lobbyist for the Greensboro Partnership before working for the City.

The City appears to have extended a noncompliant contract after payments were made and obligations not produced, which now looks like it’s in default."
Greensboro's News and Record reported none of the following;

Robbie Perkins, Nancy Vaughan, Zack Matheny, Jim Kee, Yvonne Johnson and Nancy Hoffmann just cost taxpayers $586,000

It's hard to have a crooked government
without a crooked press corps
at the local paper of record
and Roy's Rhino Times

On Nancy Hoffmann's DGI Self Dealing and Conflict of Interest

Allen Johnson, Doug Clark, Margaret Moffit, 
Jeff Gauger, Amanda Lehmert, Joe Killian,
Roy Carroll, John Hammer, Mark Sutter, Brian Clarey, Jordan Green, Eric Ginsburg, 
Susan Ladd and Stephen Doyle let this happen
without informing the public of the corruption

Kathy Manning, Randall Kaplan's wife, lobbying for a GPAC and their new hotel, with some Nancy Hoffmann, Dawn Chaney and Nancy Vaughan
Will Nancy Hoffman vote to fund DGI this evening, after her "final subission" to be DGI's landlord?

Sounds like the Lee Comer money and street are a joint Dawn Cheney / Nancy Hoffmann project; Linkfest

Lee Comer received taxpayer money
advocated by Zack Matheny, Dawn Chaney and Nancy Hoffmann
to unfairly compete with other businesses downtown
with other businesses downtown's tax money,
and the News and Record thought it was great 
to see crooked politicians hook up their friends
to steal business from the unconnected 

How Nancy Hoffmann, Dawn Cheney and the Isaccson's give everyone else's money to their friends, while stiffing East Greensboro
City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann signs authorization for tenant to receive taxpayer money she voted for
Zack Matheny and Nancy Hoffmann "Are NOT Prostitutes … They Are Pimps"; An Adaptation

News and Record Letter to the Editor on Nancy Hoffmann
"No taxpayer money was spent on my behalf for the 302/304 South Elm building." - Nancy Hoffmann

Nancy Hoffman's campaign contribution connections to Tuesday's Give Away to Greensboro's 1%

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