Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How does one describe a city in which the local news outlets don't report the news?

The view from VF's empty parking lot, overlooking the TPAC property purchased by the City of Greensboro.  The City paid David Hagan, Kay Hagan's brother in-law, $569,000 in commissions for the transactions even though the City had licensed real estate brokers who wouldn't have cost any more than their salaries.

The public Bellemeade parking deck is upper center left.

City Council and the News and Record are saying the increased debt to be borrowed by City taxpayers is going to be paid for with 316 VIP parking spaces, across the street from hundreds of low cost/free parking.

The News and Record, City Council and Walker Sanders' Community Foundation are saying the extra debt and the debt already borrowed are going to be paid for with extra VIP parking, across the street from the Marriott's parking deck across the street, and Roy Carroll's parking for his soon to be hotel behind it.

David Hagan served on the TPAC committee with Walker Sanders when he profited from the transactions.  The News and Record didn't mind, which is one reason why our paper won't report about state wide pay to play scandals.

Ever been lied to by your government and the local paper of record?