Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Joe Wilson Said

A lot of Greensboro's well-to-do and working class knew and loved the late Joe Wilson. Joe and I didn't travel in the same circles and it wasn't until he posted a blog post about the gang activity that he had personally witnessed going on in Northeast Greensboro that I came to meet Joe.

Unlike so many of Greensboro's developers Joe Wilson wasn't a pussy who only cared about himself and when Joe learned of the local Bloods Gang operating a toll bridge on the walking bridge over US 29 just north of Cone Blvd he took it on his own to personally confront the gangstas, run them off and document the entire event.

Joe Wilson was a Greensboro hero who had long fought corruption from the top to the bottom.

I never got to know Joe very well but one of the things Joe warned me about was that anyone who went after Donald or Nancy Vaughan could be expected to suffer consequences. Joe personally told me of threats he faced from Donald Vaughan, threats I've kept to myself for a decade now waiting for someone else to verify. Well guess what, Senator Vaughan and Madam Mayor "Grasshopper" Vaughan?

I just got verification:

In case you didn't catch it in your tiny Smartphone screens I'll repeat that next to last paragraph:

"The late Joe Wilson told me that during his failed race against Don Vaughan for NC Senate, he was threatened with jail and a tax audit.  So forgive some of us for being a little suspect when both of her challengers for reelection suffered life-threatening traffic accidents." -Fec

Perhaps we now know why Joe Killian is publishing hit pieces against local bloggers on the front page of the Greensboro News & Record.

 Update: Wednesday, Dec 30, 2015. 9:10 PM: Bob Grenier confirms in this post at Greensboro & Guilford County Politics that Joe Wilson also told him the same.

I took the screen grab not because I don't trust Bob but because the Admin's at that forum have a long history of making things disappear at the request of our Mayor and other connected Greensboro elites.