Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jones Elementary School Proficiency Rates

Below are the Jones Elementary School Proficiency Rates by program and year. It needs to be noted that 186 of the 684 students enrolled at Jones School live in the immediate neighborhood and are not enrolled in the Spanish Immersion Program. It also needs to be noted that parents of the neighborhood students did not ask for Spanish Immersion to be brought to their neighborhood school. If you click on the photo you can enlarge it. It is also available here.

You'll notice the students enrolled in the Spanish Immersion Program are scoring far higher on their EOG (End of Grade) Tests. As I noted in my previous post Jones Elementry School: How Does Relocating Students Solve Problems?

"Now some are saying the reason the neighborhood students are doing poorly is because not enough resources are being devoted to the neighborhood students. I don't know if that is true but this PowerPoint presentation from Jones School suggests it might be."

As my good friend, John, noted in the comments to that previous post, there is a lot of conjecture there but how is it the only solutions proposed to date involve busing students to other schools? And how will busing solve the problem? Are classes now being taught on the bus these days? While it might seem like a good use of the time the environment doesn't seem very conducive to learning.

But what might be most useful would be if we could compare the EOG scores of neighborhood students today to the EOG scores at Jones School from before the Spanish Imersion Program was brought there.

Regretfully, Guilford County Schools has not published that information.

Which begs the question: Why not? Jones Elementary School has existed in Warnersville for well over 60 years-- it wasn't just built 3 years ago-- why is such data not publicly available for comparison?

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