Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lex Alexander on Greensboro's Civil Rights Museum board suing the News and Record

"Earl and Skip vs. the News & Record

...For this suit to go forward, the museum’s books would have to be opened to the N&R’s attorneys — and probably a forensic accountant or two. And the museum’s founders, Earl Jones and Melvin “Skip” Alston, would have to be deposed — that is, answer questions under oath from N&R attorneys about the museum’s finances and their handling of those finances.

Three words: Nah. Guh. Happen."

ICRCM Sues News & Record


Looks like Skip Alston has a case against the News and Record; "Sit-In Museum Says Paper Seeks to Discredit It"

 "...Sit-In Movement Inc. is one of the five companies that make up the museum.

...Sit-In Movement Inc. does not own the building.

...Alston has said the owners of Museum Landlord LLC are Alston, Greensboro attorney and Sit-in Movement LLC board member Doug Harris, retired Vice President of Community Relations for WFMY-TV Shirley Frye, Smith Moore Leatherwood attorney Carole Bruce and former President and current adviser to the Weaver Foundation Skip Moore.

Matheny, however, said that Frye, Bruce and Moore have withdrawn from the LLC, which leaves Alston and Harris.

Alston is also listed as the agent and manager for Museum Tenant LLC and Civil Rights Museum LLC, and the agent for Sit-In Movement LLC and ICRCM LLC.

Of the five LLC’s, only one lists more than one company official. ICRCM LLC lists five managers: Alston, former City Councilmember and state House Rep. Earl Jones, City Councilmember Yvonne Johnson, Robert Brown and Harris.

Sit-in Movement LLC was incorporated in 1993 by Alston and Jones.

"Longtime museum board member and attorney Doug Harris"




If the board voted to sue, 
how did Nancy Vaughan, Jim Westmoreland and Bruce Davis vote?

"The museum is currently owned by Museum Landlord LLC – a for-profit company – not the non-profit corporation Sit-In Movement Inc., which holds the annual banquet and has been working on getting the museum open since 1993.

Museum Landlord LLC owns the building and land, and is itself owned by ICRMC LLC, a for-profit company. Alston is the only member of ICRCM LLC listed, but he said Jones is also a member of the LLC.

This will never get to court. 

EVEN IF plaintiffs are correct on the tax-credit issue, 
they'd have several other major legal hurdles to clear 
to make a libel allegation stick. 

And their own well-documented record 
of refusing to discuss the museum's finances publicly 
will hurt them in that regard.

Lex Alexander 
at Jeff Sykes Facebook page

Alston said the other members of the LLC, who actually own the museum, are Greensboro attorney Doug Harris, retired vice president of community relations for WFMY-TV Shirley Frye, Smith Moore Leatherwood attorney Carol Bruce and President of the Weaver Foundation Skip Moore."

John Hammer

“You can’t be incompetent and competent at the same time,” said [Doug] Harris the attorney, who remains on the board. “If you are competent enough to navigate the IRS … and get $24 million into town, you can’t be so incompetent at the same time that you don’t know what you are doing,”

"Former Greensboro attorney Douglas Harris was disbarred by the DHC on November 6, 1998. The commission found, among other things, that Harris settled a client's case after she had discharged him, forged or caused someone else to forge his client's signature on a settlement check, and misappropriated the proceeds of the check."