Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Summit Ave To Get Great Stops Convenience Store

I've been somewhat curious as to what is to be built in the old Libby Hills location on the corner of Summit Avenue and East Wendover so I did some snooping on the Guilford County GIS website and discovered the property is now owned by Greensboro based Premier Stores known to most of us as Great Stops.

I guess it is possible that Premier Stores is building something else there, but somehow I doubt it. In May the Triad Business Journal wrote:

"A spokeswoman for Premier Stores Inc. would not confirm or detail any upcoming plans for a Great Stops store at the Libby Hill site off Summit Avenue."

But as the building is being torn down and the west bound ramp from Wendover to Summit is now closed due to the construction, Phil and Charisse Kleinman have to admit they are building something there.

And to think, Phil and  Charisse just bought the most largest house ever sold in the Triad when they bought their Irving Park home using the money they made from their bill-pay centers and check-cashing businesses.

"(A quick piece of trivia: Phil and Charisse Kleinman, the president and vice president of Premier Stores Inc., registered the Triad's largest home sale of 2014 with their purchase of a home in Irving Park, see related slideshow.)"

Maybe, unlike the other convenience store owners in town, they're not trading food stamps for alcohol and cigarettes.