Friday, December 11, 2015

Susan Ladd Demonstrates Complete Incompidence

In Susan Ladd's article, Investing in East Greensboro she writes:

"The Greensboro City Council, criticized during its redistricting battle for not being business-friendly, signed off Tuesday night on incentive plans that could bring a handful of businesses to the most disadvantaged part of town, including one that could turn that area of the city into a major attraction.
The first was a $387,500 incentive for Natty Greene’s. The move of the brewery’s production facility to Revolution Mill has many benefits. This keeps Natty Greene’s in Greensboro, where it was founded and where it grew to the third-largest homegrown brewery in the state."

And she also writes:

"Two other companies applied for incentives under that program on Tuesday. Ecolab, which is already established in East Greensboro, is planning a $27 million expansion that would bring 35 new manufacturing jobs. NFI National Distribution Centers plans to invest $4 million in a distribution facility that will bring 80 new jobs. Best of all, NFI would lease the former K-mart facility off East Wendover, which was the second-largest distribution center in Greensboro before it closed earlier this year.

These projects could bring a combined investment of $145 million to East Greensboro."

To which I replied:

"East Greensboro, my big old hairy butt! Revolution Mill is 3 blocks from Irving Park in North Greensboro. The $11 Million Dollar Ecolab expansion is located at 8300 Capital Dr, Greensboro, NC 27409. That's West Greensboro, Ms Ladd:

So it looks like your $145 Million Dollar east Greensboro investment figure is really only $4 Million Dollars. And lest we forget the multi-million dollar county incentive package that went into building the K-mart Distribution Center that is now being reused by NFI National Distribution Centers.

If you're going to continue writing propaganda the least you could do is learn to use Google maps as it would save you from looking so foolish in front of what will soon be hundreds if not thousands of online readers."

You see, while Susan Ladd is reporting a $27 Million Dollar expansion for Ecolab in Greensboro, all the rest of the media is reporting an $11 Million Dollar expansion.  And she made no mention of the fact that the old Kmart Distribution Center site is actually receiving incentives for a second time, first Guilford County and now the City of Greensboro.

It doesn't get any more incompetent than that. 

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