Sunday, December 27, 2015

Will Greensboro's Media Smell This?

If you're on the east side of town tonight what you're smelling tonight is Cone Mills. They've had another "spill."

Interesting enough, these "spills" most often happen on holiday weekends when no state and federal inspectors are likely to be in town with the closest NC DENR offices being Winston-Salem and Raleigh and the closest EPA office in Washington, DC.

The "spill" is at White Oak, dumps into the creek, flows past the White Street Landfill and into North Buffalo Creek where it eventually flows into the Haw River.

When the White Street Landfill was open these "spills" were much more common.

I can smell it at my house, neighbors miles away from me are posting about it on Facebook as well.

It's been going on since long before the Osborne Treatment Plant was ever built. I remember it as a little boy.

Up until the 1970s it was every weekend. Prior to that it was almost nightly.

This is how they repay east Greensboro for over $1 Million Dollars a year in free landfill gas that we give them-- a figure that nets Donald and Mayor Nancy Vaughan $20,000 a month in commissions on the deal.

And in case you don't know the prevailing winds always blow away from Mayor Vaughan's house.

Will Greensboro's media report any of this or will it require the wind to turn around and blow back toward downtown as was the case the only other time our local media reported such incidents. And you can bet no one is dredging over the Christmas Holiday.

It's time this came to an end. After all, the property is identified as Superfund Site NCD000776914 and still they keep dumping on us.