Sunday, January 31, 2016

AP story at the News and Record, Saturday, January 30, 2016; "Food stamp change concerns advocates for poor in N. Carolina"

This story, and the police related crime statistics story the News and Record didn't report
 were both known knowns before Greensboro's 2015 election

EZGreensboro, Thursday, October 29, 2015; Approximately 1 Million Unemployed Childless Adults Will Lose SNAP Benefits in 2016 as Greensboro builds a performing arts center and a basketball facility

The News and Record didn't report it until now

News and Record search for "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program";

This is a story written by the Associated Press
with no specific numbers how the issue will relate to Greensboro;

"Advocates for the poor are concerned about rule changes threatening food stamp benefits for 110,000 people in North Carolina if they don’t meet work requirements.

The change in the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program affects able-bodied people ages 18 through 49 with no dependents. It requires them to work, volunteer or attend education or job-training at least 80 hours a month to receive food aid. If they don’t, their benefits are cut off after three months.

Expect crime to spike even more than it already has,
which the News and Record still hasn't reported 
meaning more need for police enforcement,
obviously unexpected or ignored by our country club mayor etc...

...“It applies regardless. No matter how hard they’re looking for a job, if they don’t find one in three months, their food aid is gone.”

The requirements date back to a 1996 federal welfare reform law, but they were waived for nearly every state during the recession that began in 2008. North Carolina is among 21 states where the waiver ends this year.

Our elected leaders just don't give a shit
and the News and Record let's them get away with it.

Across the country, an Associated Press analysis shows nearly 1.1 million adults stand to lose their benefits this year if they do not find a way to meet work requirements. The number affected in North Carolina is among the largest, following Florida’s 300,000 and Tennessee’s 150,000.

Maybe City Council will vote for and pass a meaningless resolution
as they didn't vote or budget for the ball team, 
they didn't explain what they did to finance the performing arts center
or tell anyone in the local real estate industry 
Nancy Vaughan offered a building to Marty for way less than it was worth
after offering the same deal to a select few other 'patron' contributors/friends

The waiver expired in January in 23 North Carolina counties, while the rest will lose the waiver by July 1.

Meanwhile, our tax dollars are allocated to DGI, whose members use Zack Matheny as a lobbyist
to discriminate against the homeless and allocate everyone else's money
to City Council's biggest campaign contributors like Marty Kotis
who is going to empty his newly aquired $3 million building he got for $900,000 from the mayor
of social services organizations whose clients are too close to Roy Carroll and friend's new downtown

...many in danger of losing benefits are willing to work, but face obstacles. Some are felons who have trouble passing background checks. Others have sought work as janitors or dishwashers but can’t work odd-hour shifts because of public transportation schedules.

In surrounding Wake County, ...about 2,100 in the county will be affected by the rule change.

So about the same in Guilford County?

Alan Briggs, executive director of the North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks, said many people on food stamps already receive help from food banks, but food stamp rule change is likely to increase demand.

As Greensboro evicts homeless camps in the middle of the winter

“You’re talking about the poorest of the poor. These folks are struggling anyway,” he said.

Think Greensboro's paper of record could bother to find out 
how many of our citizens are going to go hungry this year
after the performing arts center crowd got another $10 million plus 
for their $78.1 million playground from Greensboro's taxpayers
after sliding David Hagan $586,000 in real estate commissions
while he 'volunteered' on the committee lobbying City Council for the money
along with plenty of others who stand to profit from the deal?

Still unreported by the News and Record;

Thursday, January 21, 2016; Unknown Greensboro Crime Statistics

Violent Crime in Greensboro;

2014; 619

2015; 739

619 / 739 - 1 = 16.2% year over year increase in Violent Crime in Greensboro

High Point Violent Crime up 24% year over year

Wilmington Violent Crime up 5.65% year over year

Durham up 14%

If about 2,000 local residents lose food stamps,
what are the chances of crime going up even farther in the near future?

Murder in Greensboro;

2014; 6

2015; 11

6 / 11 - 1 = 83.3% year over year increase in Murder in Greensboro

Durham up 67%

If about 2,000 local residents lose food stamps,
what are the chances of more murder going forward?

Rape in Greensboro;

2014; 28

2015; 35

28 / 35 - 1 = 20% year over year increase in Rape in Greensboro

Rape up 33% year over year in High Point
Robbery in Greensboro;

2014; 209

2015; 217

209 / 217 - 1 = 3.7% year over year increase in Robbery in Greensboro

Robbery up 35.3% year over year in High Point

Up 17% in Durham

Will downtown Greensboro be more or less safe 
for some monied white folks from relatively West Greensboro
who already fear walking down Elm Street at night
by the end of 2016?

Aggravated Assault in Greensboro;

2014;  376

2015; 476

376 / 476 - 1 = 21% year over year increase in Aggravated Assault in Greensboro

Aggravated Assault up 17.4% year over year in High Point