Monday, January 11, 2016

Get Ready to Be Branded A Terrorist

Jeff Martin, aka Fec, has gotten the telephone call. He currently writes the blog Under Siege. I've gotten the call as well.

What call is that? The call you get from the Greensboro Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division for the horrible crime of speaking out in public opposition to the actions of the Greensboro City Council and calling on citizens to act.

It's been a while and my memory isn't what it once was but I seem to remember that it was Detective Rob Finch who called me. I think Jeff wrote that it was Kory Flowers who called him but again that was some time ago. All either of us were doing were exercising our rights to free speech but the detectives felt the need to attempt to scare us away.

It didn't work.

I think Jeff is a sociopathic genius and there is nothing I'd love more than to give my life a martyr for a worthy cause like helping Greensboro's poor. Our kinds don't scare easily. But I could be wrong about Jeff as I've only met him a few times and only really know him from his writing.

You see, dying a martyr would make me believe I finally accomplished something good. No illusions of grandeur, no getting my name in the history books but perhaps a handful of people would come to understand how important it is to me to make this world a better place that I am willing to die to make it so. And maybe those few people would take up the model I gave them recently and make a difference.

But don't think it will be easy.

Because if you know me Kory Flowers and Rob Finch probably already know you and they are ready, willing and able to brand you as one of Greensboro's Sovereign Citizens even if you're not.

The fact is: I see the Sovereign Citizen movement as being way out on the fringe. The talk of Billy Jones and BILLY JONES being 2 different legal entities seems like pure hogwash to me. It's as if some of these "Sovereign Citizens" are just joining the movement so they can get out of paying their bills and taxes. Kinda like Libertarians on political brain steroids. Me, Me, Me, Mine, Mine, Mine! Like children afraid to share.

If most of the "Sovereign Citizens" we read about in the media weren't committing other, more violent crimes they wouldn't be of any real concern but have you or anyone you know of heard of a huge Sovereign Citizen movement in and around Greensboro? The local media has never bothered to report it. While the Southern Poverty Law Center says that a lot of African-Americans are Sovereign Citizens there is no evidence to show that Greensboro has a big issue with this. Also, from the SPLC:

"The weapon of choice for sovereign citizens is paper. A simple traffic violation or pet-licensing case can end up provoking dozens of court filings containing hundreds of pages of pseudo-legal nonsense. For example, a sovereign was involved in 2010 in a protracted legal battle over having to pay a dog-licensing fee. She filed 10 sovereign documents in court over a two-month period and then declared victory when the harried prosecutor decided to drop the case. The battle was fought over a three-year dog license that in Pinellas County, Fla., where the sovereign lives, costs just $20. Tax cases are even worse. Sovereign filings in such legal battles can quickly exceed a thousand pages. While a normal criminal case docket might have 60 or 70 entries, many involving sovereigns have as many as 1,200. The courts are struggling to keep up, and judges, prosecutors and public defenders are being swamped."

It looks as if this is mostly a paperwork issue. Mostly a Federal issue. So why is the News & Record reporting:

"Greensboro police officers Kory Flowers and Rob Finch are part of that group with one distinction: When law enforcement and journalists go looking for experts, it’s likely one or both of these local men are on the shortlist to call."

Because of this?

"Both have spent the past eight years studying groups who describe themselves “sovereigns,” men and women the FBI describes as domestic terrorists."

Why in the hell is the Greensboro Police Department training FBI officers when we never have enough cops on our streets. Do these guys get to make up their own job descriptions?

So if you are a tax protester, if you speak out against the United States Government or even if you speak out against the City of Greensboro's economic development, wage or racial policies you are subject to be deemed a terrorist. Anything they don't like and you are deemed to be a terrorist.

It wasn't the liberals we had to fear. It wasn't the Conservatives we had to fear. It was the Fascists. And the FASCISTS are now in control just like I told you they would be.