Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Guess who Warren Buffett's News and Record is endorsing and what Jeff Gauger won't allow to be reported?

“[B]illionaire investor Warren Buffett is scheduled to host a $33,400-a-head fundraiser for Clinton and Democratic Party groups in Washington on Jan. 31, the day before the crucial Iowa caucuses” [International Business Times].

“Buffett’s fundraiser for Clinton — which follows previous Clinton fundraisers he’s appeared at — will occur just weeks after senior Democratic lawmakers on the House Financial Services Committee excoriated him over a joint report by the Seattle Times and Buzzfeed about a mobile home company owned by his investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway.

For all the left leaning Susan Ladd commentary,
she isn't allowed to actually go after anything associated with her boss.

The report alleged that Berkshire’s subsidiary, Clayton Homes, ‘systematically pursues unwitting minority homebuyers and baits them into costly subprime loans, many of which are doomed to fail.'”...
Don't expect much on the presidential race from the News and Record to be non-biased.

I guess most have learned not to expect much at all on most of their reporting.

I can't wait to hear what Roy Carroll wants John Hammer to say he says tomorrow.

And the TV news stations get their cues from the papers.

This is Greensboro